Alleged Alcoholic elected as Mayor for Sharpsburg County arrested for DWI and gun charges

Oh, they say when he get drunk he gets tore up!

Welp, we take you to Sharpsburg, North Carolina, where officials say they got a man for DWI on election night.

That man is Robert Williams Jr., a candidate and now the elected Mayor of Sharpsburg, North CarolinaWilliams beat the incumbent mayor of Sharpsburg by a seven-vote margin. A little too much to drink put Williams in a dampen place when Sharpsburg police arrested Williams for DWI.

He was booked into the Nash County jail at 11:36 p.m. Tuesday. Williams was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon, concealed gun after/while consuming alcohol, concealed handgun on private premises prohibited by sign/statement and two counts of fighting with the police.

Williams was the mayor of Sharpsburg from 2011 to 2013. He bonded out of jail overnight and his scheduled court date is June 5.

Hopefully, the alleged drunk can recover, stay out of trouble and serve the people of Sharpsburg not with drinks but service.



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