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Board of Education candidate Bob Williams files false Board of Elections complaint



An Onslow County candidate running for Board of Education has filed a false Board of Elections complaint against a local civic leader and his organization.

If you throw a rock into a pack of wild dogs, the one you hit will always holler. If you aren’t guilty why scream?

Bob Williams, the HIT DOG in this scenario, the incumbent candidate running for the Onslow County Board of Education is doing everything that he can in order to keep his seat with the Onslow County Board of Education, including lying.

On Tuesday, April 24, Mr. Williams filed a FALSE complaint with the Board of Elections against a local civic leader, Al Burgess and his organization, ActionPac.

Burgess recently took to his social media in an attempt to warn voters about Bob Williams’ plan to cut all funding to, and ultimately end, the federal Nutritional Assistance Program. This program is how children attending public school are able to receive free or reduced lunch. In retaliation, Williams filed a complaint with the Board of Elections alleging that BurgessMay be in violation of North Carolina Campaign Finance Laws and involved in unauthorized political activity.”

In the complaint, dated April 24, 2018, Williams states that individuals from Action-Pac were handing out flyers supporting “various state and local elections” at the Primary Election Poll, which is located at the Jacksonville Public Safety Center. He also alleged that the flyers being handed out did not contain the required statements to indicate who paid for the flyer and whether or not the candidates authorized the publication in accordance with NC General Statute §163-278.39.

Earlier this month, Al Burgess and Action-Pac conducted a screening with all candidates for political office in Onslow County, excluding the 3rd Congressional District and County Sheriff Candidates.

The screening was for those candidates willing to respond to questions and concerns regarding Action-Pac’s BIG FIVE, which consists of five community issues that the organization believes need the most immediate attention as well as resolve. According to Burgess, the acceptance and removal of the issues are accomplished by vote.

It seems that this was Williams’ half-hearted attempt at getting the public attention off of him and his plans to allow thousands of school children to go hungry. Had Burgess supported William’s plans to end the school nutrition program, this FALSE complaint would have never been filed.

Here is Burgess full response to the complaint BELOW:

For immediate release…. Board of Education Incumbent and Candidate Bob Williams submitted a complaint to the Board of Elections and the Jacksonville Daily News (JDN) regarding ACTIVE CITIZENS TOGETHER IMPROVING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS-POSITIVE ACTION COMMITTEE (ACTION-PAC)’s activities as well as my own political activities as a private citizen. Rather than responding VIA the JDN, I decided to respond to the complaint via Facebook that way I can be assured that my words are not twisted and also provide our community with a little education on ACTION-PAC.

ACTION-PAC is a 501c.4 Social Welfare Organization. 501c.4 organizations are organized solely for the promotion of social welfare. Consequently, the purposes and aims of ACTION PAC is to take actions that are conducive to community building, progress, and development; to engage elected leaders, appointed leaders, organizations as well as political candidates to ensure that the needs of all citizens are heard and addressed; and to keep the public aware of issues and actions that adversely affect our local community. Such actions and activities have been exhibited through our community cookouts, rallies, meeting attendances, and social media releases regarding government officials and policy.
There are a number of issues that affect our local community, and while it would be nice to be able to mitigate and/or eliminate all of them at once, we know the likelihood of that occurring is slim to none. Consequently, we decided to methodically address issues through what we call our “BIG FIVE”, which are 5 community issues that we believe need the most immediate attention as well as resolve, and as we resolve an issue, we will add an issue. The acceptance and removal of the issues is accomplished by vote.

Recently, ACTION-PAC conducted a candidate screening. With the exception of the 3rd Congressional District and County Sheriff Candidates, all candidates for a political office in Onslow County were invited. We screened a total of 10 local candidates that were willing to respond to our questions and concerns regarding ACTION-PAC’s BIG FIVE. Each candidate was subsequently scored based upon their responses. No endorsements were made, but their scores were released.

You can also view Burgess Facebook post BELOW:

Mr. Williams should be ASHAMED of himself.

Children should not be made to go without meals because their parents can not afford the extra money for the astronomically priced food at school. In fact, if you would do some research sir, you would know that the meals provided by the school nutrition program are the only HOT meals that a large percentage of children receive and that they go without on weekends, holidays and during summer vacation.

We can only hope that Al Burgess was able to reach voters in time so that they do not allow a man like Bob Williams, who very clearly could care less about children, to keep his seat on the Onslow County Board of Education.

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