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BREAKING: Man that murdered Jacksonville woman identified as 22-year-old Jamie Weaks, photo revealed



The low-life thug who killed a Jacksonville woman still has not been arrested.

41-year-old Felecia Ann Parker

Jamie Weaks, 22, of Indiana is wanted for OPEN COUNT murder for shooting 41-year-old Felicia Parker at the Budget Inn located at 1316 N. Marine Blvd. (Click HERE if you missed that story)

Weaks who is identified as Huncho Jay on Facebook is pictured above and below:

Word On The Curb is that Parker allegedly owed Weaks, sister, Chirstin Weaks drug money and did not pay up. Sources say they think that Parker was set-up but authorities have not released any information about what led to the shooting.

Sources say Jamie’s sister Chirstin is cooperating with law enforcement as it relates to the fatal shooting.

We reported to you first the death of Parker after she was transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital where she later died as a result of her injuries. She was reportedly shot in the neck and stomach, according to the family.

According to a press release by JPD:

“At approximately 3:02 p.m. Tuesday, July 31, 2018, officers responded to a report of shots fired at the Budget Inn, 1316 N. Marine Blvd.

Responding officers found that one subject had been shot. The victim, Felicia Parker, 41, of Jacksonville was transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital for treatment, where she later died as a result of her injuries. “We offer our condolences to the family of Ms. Felicia Parker for their loss,” said Chief Mike Yaniero, Director of Public Safety.

Through extensive investigative work from the Patrol, Detectives, CSI and Special Operations Division, the shooter was identified as Jamie Weaks, 22, of Indiana. “Investigators have obtained an arrest warrant for Mr. Weaks, who is now wanted on an Open Count of Murder” stated Sergeant Mark Ketchum, a supervisor in the Investigative Services Division. “We wish to thank the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office and the NC SBI for their assistance with this case.” The investigation is open and ongoing.”

Detectives ask that anyone with information about this incident to contact JPD Detective Kourtney Martin at 910-938-6407 or or Crime Stoppers at 910-938-5034. Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards for information leading to arrest. Callers to Crime Stoppers are not required to reveal their identities. Information can also be anonymously texted via Text-A-Tip by typing TIP4CSJAX and your message to 274637 (CRIMES). Please reference Case Number 18-07403


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DEFENSE: It’s a lot of missing pieces, jury deliberates in death of Sheldon Prawl



A family may walk out of Onslow County Superior Court not knowing who killed Sheldon Prawl in 2013, if 12 jurors return a verdict of not guilty or determine that Prawl’s death did not occur in North Carolina.

The decision of the next phase of Carleton Davis, 38, of Georgia life is now in the hands of 12 Onslow County Jurors. Judge Imelda Pate read the jurors their instructions as it relates to the law and that they are responsible for rendering a verdict.

Carleton Davis

Davis is accused of killing Sheldon Prawl in 2013. Prawl’s body was found dismembered in two tubs filled with cement in a Detroit, Michigan garage in 2014.

Sheldon Prawl

In Davis’ Defense attorney Dick McNeil closing argument to the state, he said that he felt like he was representing Cheri Davis.

McNeil attacked the states case by calling it ‘weak’ because some of the states key witnesses did not testify and the evidence presented is not enough for the jury to convict his client.

He continued to say that the absence of Carleton Davis’ sister Cheri Davis and Richard Jackson weakened the state’s case.

Sources tell News In Onslow that Cheri Davis was told not to attend the trial.

“It’s a lot of missing pieces in this case before you can find my client guilty of first-degree murder and concealment of death,” McNeil argued to the jury.

McNeil asked the jury to consider the state’s weakness presented and the reliability of Tyrell Debose, and others.

Jurors started deliberating around 2:45 PM this afternoon.

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Man accused of killing Sheldon Prawl in 2013 won’t testify, evidence is circumstantial



A man accused of killing Sheldon Prawl in 2013 will not testify in his murder trial.

Carleton Davis, 38, of Georgia, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 23-year-old Sheldon Prawl.

In court, Assistant District Attorney Mike Maultsby said that Prawl was last seen on Halloween in 2013 and, shortly thereafter, 35-year-old Cheri Lee Davis, Carleton Davis‘ sister, reported him missing. Prawl’s body was found in Detroit, Michigan dismembered in two separate containers filled with cement on May 30, 2014.

In the States closing argument Wednesday afternoon, they spoke about the relationship between Davis and Richard Jackson, who lived next door to the home Prawl’s body was found. Jackson and Davis were pulled over in Brunswick County in 2014 on unrelated drug and gun charges.

“The case is a circumstantial evidence case. The circumstances, in this case, proves without a reasonable doubt that the defendant killed Sheldon Pawl,” Maultsby told the jury. 

Maultsby talked about how Prawl and his mother Beverly Daley spoke every other day and on October 31, 2013, she received a text message from Prawl’s phone saying “Travel, talk to you soon.” Davis said in her testimony that she gave it a few days before she contacted Cherri Davis, Prawl’s girlfriend on November 2, begging her to make a report to the police about her son missing. 

In the state’s closing argument, Maultsby told the jury that “Carleton Davis had a motive to end the life of Sheldon Prawl because he did not like what he did to his sister.” It took the state 58 minutes to argue their closing to the jury and the defense will argue their closing at 1:30 PM Wednesday afternoon. 

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District Attorney Earnie Lee receives case about officer who used ‘excessive force’ against Anthony Wall in Warsaw



“No Justice, No Peace” is what Onslow County District Attorney Earnie Lee will hear if he does not indict the officer who ‘excessively with force’ arrested Anthony Wall in Warsaw, North Carolina on May 4, 2018.

Anthony Wall, 22, of Fayetteville was at Waffle House after taking his 16-year-old sister to prom in Warsaw, North Carolina when he was choked and slammed by Officer Frank Moss. It’s unknown why Officer Moss used such aggressive force against the 22-year-old, but I guess it’s better than the officer pulling out his gun and killing Wall.

Officer Moss has a history of abusing and terrorizing black families in Warsaw, North Carolina for years. If you look at how big Officer Moss is and look how small Anthony Wall is, there’s no way Moss couldn’t have subdued Wall without choking him. 

Officer Frank Moss

District Attorney Earnie Lee said on Tuesday that the investigation into whether Officer Moss used ‘excessive force’ or not is in his hands.

Lee said the report was received from N.C. State Bureau of Investigation regarding the controversial arrest of Anthony Wall. The evidence will be reviewed and a decision afterward.

District Attorney Earnie Lee

One of Wall’s attorney, Benjamin Crump said Wall’s arrest was a “gross violation of his civil and human rights.” Wall is also represented by Fayetteville lawyer Allen Rogers

(LEFT) Benjamin Crump, (Middle) Antony Wall (Right) Alex Rogers

The whole world will be watching District Attorney Earnie Lee’s office, and his decision could impact his career for the good or bad. 



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