BREAKING NEWS: Authorities raid local stores in Onslow County

Police say eighteen business in Jacksonville and Onslow County was raided today as authorities investigate “Black Magic” being sold at the businesses.

For many of you that don’t know what “Black Magic” is, it is a type of oil that police say contains illegal substances.

Police say they raided most tobacco or vape businesses. Jacksonville Police, Onslow County deputies and NCIS began their investigation in October after there were multiple medical emergencies with symptoms ranging from hallucinations, loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing, chest pains, disorientation, and loss of memory.

Black Magic“, along with “Pure Magic“, “White Knight”, Black Diamond” and “Zen” tested positive for containing an indazole carboxamide, which is a Schedule I controlled substance, according to authorities.

The businesses in Onslow County raided today are:

Tobacco Leaf- 343 Western Blvd, Jacksonville

Sahara Hookah Lounge– 917 N. Marine Blvd, Jacksonville

Speedy’s Drive Thru– 357 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville

Prince Tobacco– 1796 Gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville

Moe’s Mart– 2105 Belgrade Swansboro Rd, Maysville

Highlands Tobacco– 835 Piney Green Rd, Jacksonville

OJ’s Tobacco & Vapor– 8900 Richlands Hwy, Richlands

One Stop Shop– 501 Corbin Ave, Jacksonville

Nash Market– 237 New River Dr, Jacksonville

Highway 24 Tobacco– 1448 W. Corbett Ave, Swansboro

Drive Thru Mini Mart– 2729 Commerce Rd, Jacksonville

J& N Grocery– 1142 Beulaville Hwy, Richlands

Sun House Vapor 7 Tobacco– 2840 Richlands Hwy, Jacksonville

Hubert Tobacco– 393 Hubert Blvd, Hubert

Super-Fast Drive Thru– 1005 N. Marine Blvd, Jacksonville

Expressway Mini Mart– 1261 gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville

Reid’s Mart- 461 Hubert Blvd, Hubert

Best Exxon– 2945 Richlands Hwy, Jacksonville

Police have not released any information about any arrests in connection with today’s raids, and say this is an on-going investigation.


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