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BREAKING NEWS: Multiple homes and cars reported shot in Hubert, police searching for a white truck



Local residents in Swansboro and Hubert are reporting that multiple homes and vehicles have been shot by a person believed to be driving a white truck.

Residents in Swansboro contacted News In Onslow Tuesday evening about a shooting in the Sandridge and Bear Creek area of Hubert by a person driving a “white Dodge single cab pick-up truck” who had been shooting homes and vehicles.

Reports of a police roadblock have been set up to locate the suspect in the shooting, although officials have not confirmed the roadblock.

One man posted in a “Hubert and Swansboro community discussion group,” that his great-grandparents house had just been shot up and a bullet went through the window right above his grandfathers head.

Hubert resident Kristen Spears told News In Onslow, “I was sitting outside on my porch smoking a cigarette when I heard quite a few gunshots, next thing I know my friend call and tells me her car was shot at driving down sandridge near the elementary school at the old sandridge road section. She was so lucky her 3-year-old daughter wasn’t in the car, she would’ve gotten shot in the head,”Spears said.

Spears said she posted online to ask if anyone had seen or heard the shooting and that’s when other residents commented that they were also victims of the shooting.

“After posting on the local sites people started to contact me telling me that their houses and their families houses were shot at, some of thems windows were shot out,” she said.

Spears said that police are all over Sandridge road and as she and her husband were driving to a nearby dollar general on Sandridge from Foxtrace, they witnessed multiple cops on the road and it appeared to be a roadblock going near Van Riggs road.

The suspected person of the shooting was seen driving a white Dodge single cab pick-up truck.

A deputy who follows News In Onslow has reported that approximately 35 houses/vehicles were shot into.

CSI is now involved in this ongoing and active investigation.

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VIDEO: Black Rose Tavern accused of kicking out Black man for charging phone



A Jacksonville man says he was kicked out of a Midway Park bar Tuesday after he was trying to charge his phone. 

Jacksonville resident Kenneth Foster lost power at his home because of Hurricane Florence and needed to charge his phone, but when he went to Black Rose Tavern in Midway Park to charge it, he was kicked out.

“I left Hungry Howies to go to Black Rose Tavern to get a drink and I needed to charge my phone,” Foster said. “I saw children charging their phones.”

Foster said that when he asked the owner of Black Rose Tavern, John Bova, if he could charge his phone he was met with the reply that “this ain’t that type of bar”.

Bova, however, is claiming that Foster walked in the door, and, without asking, plugged in his phone.

“He walked in the door and plugged in his phone, and my wife who was the bartender walked over and asked him if she could help him and asked if he needed something to drink. He told her that he needed to charge his phone.”

Bova told News In Onslow that Foster began getting hostile with his wife, which is when he stepped in, told Foster that he could not charge his phone and informed him that he needed to leave.

Bova explained to Foster that they are a private club and that he cannot just walk into their place business and plug in his phone.

It was after being told to leave that Foster pulled out his phone and started recording.

Foster said Bova grabbed his phone and bruised his finger but he will not be pursuing criminal charges.

“I know the man racist,” Foster told News In Onslow.

The bar owner said that he is not racist and that his business is diverse.


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Red Cross say there no-show at 2 Onslow Locations was a big mistake



When you talk about scamming, you think of the American Red Cross. A non-profit organization that accepts donations and never help people like their mission say they do. Some citizens of Onslow County, North Carolina can tell you about their experience with the non-profit organization and what happened Tuesday, September 18th.

Tuesday, officials in Onslow County told local residents that the American Red Cross would be feeding them in different locations throughout the county, but at two locations the non-profit never came.

Two of the locations, Richlands Library, and New River Shopping Center had people waiting nearly three hours for American Red Cross meals that never came and now the organization is saying it was a ‘big mistake’.

RHOA Kandi Burrus “The Lies!”

American Red Cross representative Charlotte Rodriguez told local reporters, “It was a big mistake that we should not have made.” 

It’s funny how the organization acknowledged their wrong but never apologized to the people they wronged.  Always want you to donate your money but have a hard time with integrity. 

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American Red Cross was a no-show to feed Onslow County citizens



Hundreds of citizens in Onslow County, North Carolina was waiting to be fed by the American Red Cross at 5:00 P.M. Tuesday evening, but they didn’t show up.

Onslow County Government posted on their Facebook page Tuesday the locations the American Red Cross would be feeding at and at least two of those locations was a no-show.

Locations Below:

Swansboro Library

Richlands Library (No Show)

Sneads Ferry Library

1380 Piney Green Rd. (Parking lot/shopping center)

New River Shopping Center (by Planet Fitness) (No Show)

The public was notified that the organization would be feeding at 4 PM but that time was later changed to 5 PM.

Local residents who showed up at Richlands Library and New River Shopping Center locations told News In Onslow that the organization was nowhere to be found.

Look at some of the comments posted on the Onslow County Government Facebook page about this BELOW:

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