BREAKING NEWS: Swansboro attorney found NOT GUILTY on DWI charge

Just hours ago, an Onslow County Defense Attorney who was charged with a DWI in 2017 was found not guilty.

Richard Christian Smith, 37, of Channel Marker Loop in Swansboro, was arrested by Jacksonville Police Department on March 26, 2017, and charged with a DWI after an off-duty officer claimed he saw Smith swerving on the road.

The off-duty supervisor with Jacksonville Police Department called in about the 2006 Honda driven by Smith claiming he saw the vehicle swerving in and out of travel lanes. The off-duty supervisor reported Smith’s vehicle allegedly almost hitting a support pylon on the overpass, according to the released court documents.

Smith was arrested on New Bridge Street after being pulled over in the Jacksonville Landing parking lot. The officer who stopped Smith claimed that he smelled alcohol and accused Smith of deliberately enunciating his words and having a slow speech.

Today in Onslow County Superior Court, 12 Jurors found Smith (NOT GUILTY). He was represented by his attorney Byron Smith.

Smith is a great attorney and counselor in Jacksonville and he works for the Law Offices of Kenneth  N. Glover,  PLLC in Swansboro.

Congratulations on your win Mr. Smith.

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