BUSTED!!! Man admits he touched 9-year-old Jacksonville boy in private area and “would do it again”

A Jacksonville Mother and Father told News In Onslow that their 9-year-0ld son had been inappropriately touched in his private area by his 49-year-old uncle and the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department has yet to arrest the predator after he admitted to the allegations.

Preston Keeter, of Jacksonville, said that on April 09, his son (whose name we will not mention because he is a minor) told him that his uncle, Glenn Roop, 49, had touched his private parts the day before. The child, his brother, and Roop were outside playing when Roop asked him if he wanted to go inside and see the cats. The child followed Roop inside the house and was taken into a bathroom where Roop stood in front of him and forced his hands into the child’s shorts, underwear, and began playing with his genitals.

The boy told Roop to stop, and Roop told the boy not to tell anyone. Keeter and his wife said their son ran out of the house and back home to his bedroom where he stayed for awhile. Both parents filed a police report with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department and no arrest has been made since the incident.

In a few social media conversations that we have obtained, Glenn Roop admitted that he did inappropriately touch the child in his private area and that he would do it again. He constantly mentions that the police are on his side, which could be the reason he has yet to be arrested.

Onslow County Detective Lindsay Kensington is assigned to the case, and according to the family, nothing is being done about their son being molested.

Keeter said that he and his wife have a 1-year no-contact order against Roop signed by Judge William Sutton but no charges against Roop have been filed by the sheriff’s department as of June 18.

In the screenshots below, you will see conversations between Roop and others about the alleged incident and him admitting to the crime:



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