Campaign manager turns back to Miller, now endorses Boyd Brown.

Sheriff Hans Miller 2014 campaign manager endorses Boyd Brown, who is not related to former Sheriff Ed Brown or State Senator Harry Brown on Facebook earlier Wednesday.

Alva Williams, an Onslow County Republican who formerly serves as primary campaign manager for Hans Miller throughout 2014 election season, has now turned her back toward Miller in favor of Sheriff candidate Boyd Brown.

Williams penned a lengthy Facebook post today in response to numerous phone calls and emails she has received questioning her decision. She states she is “proudly supporting Boyd Brown” citing his strength as the superior candidate and having greater “street experience” than incumbent Miller. Williams goes on to note that she had planned to meet with Brown for a one hour lunch, but her plans to bombard him with questions turned into a four-hour endeavor. The end result was Boyd Brown’s genuineness and honesty shining through.

She states that Boyd is able to look you “straight in the eye” and answer questions to satisfaction, a feat the bumbling and tongue-tied Miller continue to have trouble with. From residents to friends, and campaign managers and other politicians, more and more are seeing the light and leaving Miller in the shadows. Responses from Miller are dismal…if you’re able to get a response from the half-wit Sheriff, it’s that you’re either a liar or a felon. That’s the only explanation he can offer as to why you don’t believe he’s the greatest sheriff on earth.

Williams also states that she would support a candidacy by County Commissioner Robin Knapp. Serving also as his campaign manager, she refers to him as a “diamond in the rough” and states quite matter-of-factly that Knapp has more street experience in his little finger than some running for sheriff have in their entire body.

Some tough words left by Williams for Miller have us all wondering, “what’s really going on Hans?”

Hans Miller, Onslow County Sheriff.

As to why she wasn’t continuing to support Miller, she states “You really do not know someone until you live with them”, in this case, “you really don’t know someone until you get them elected” a reference to Miller showing his dirty self after the election.




  1. Bubba Williams

    February 8, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    Why are you always hating on Hans Miller. Can you do any other stories that don’t involved him? Maybe like How classroom sizes are going to affect students? school sports? or area happenings? or the best restaurants in Jacksonville?

  2. aktuel

    February 14, 2018 at 10:02 pm

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