Candidate Bob Williams to cut free lunch for Onslow County students

Did you know Bob Williams support cutting funds and/or ending federal nutritional assistance program?

If you are a parent and have a child in the Onslow County School system and they receive free or reduced lunch, DO NOT VOTE for Bob Williams. His plan is to starve your child by cutting free and/or reduced lunch. The program from which school children receive free or reduced lunch.

In an Onslow County GOP Meeting in March, many members have come forward that Williams spoke about his opposition to free lunch programs being administered in Onslow County.

Statistics show that about half of the children in Onslow County qualify for free or reduced lunch?

A hungry child is more focused on their stomach than their school work.

Bob Williams goal is to make parents in Onslow County pay the price for their child not being able to have free lunch or reduced lunch if elected.

Williams will NOT consider the circumstances or situations of families in Onslow County.

What do you think about Bob Williams plan to cut free and/or reduce lunch?

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  2. Joe

    May 4, 2018 at 9:24 am

    If parent(s) can’t afford a lunch for their child they need to go on welfare so that child protection services can intervene. Too many ‘people’ feel there should be a “Free Lunch” for all. WRONG!

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