District Attorney Earnie Lee: “Brown was never involved in “Tract Theft Ring” Investigation”, Miller untruthful

Onslow County District Attorney Earnie Lee has confirmed that Sheriff Candidate Boyd Brown was never a suspect in “Tractor Theft Ring” Investigation.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller made a statement on Friday, April 27, on the Raiford Brown Show claiming that Onslow County Sheriff Candidate Boyd Brown was currently under investigation involving a “Tractor Theft Ring” case that was closed in 2004. Miller started the false allegations about Brown in November of 2017, making a post on his Facebook page, to “Never trust a thief”, referring to Brown.


Listen to the audio BELOW:


A conversation was sent to us by an anonymous source who was conversing with Miller on Facebook when the incumbent told them to  “Never trust a thief” and that his “campaign is working and making sure all citizens know about the thief”, again referring to Brown.

NOE: The black are areas to protect the names of other individuals this anonymous person communicating with.

On the April 27 show, Miller responded to Brown about the Facebook conversation saying he does not comment on “an active criminal investigation.”

Lee said that his office is not involved in the prosecution of any matter involving Boyd Brown nor has law enforcement asked his office to advise them. He confirmed that there was “no file of this matter” at his office and that Sheriff Miller has not contacted him or his office about this matter since being DA and that Brown was not involved in the investigation.

According to former Sheriff Ed Brown, Boyd Brown was never a suspect in the case and that Boyd willingly assisted with information as the case was turned over to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles License Theft Division. As a result of the Tri-County involvement, one man was arrested and charged.

The man charged in the case was placed on probation and Brown assisted in the recovery of the stolen tractors. According to the State Bureau of Investigation, NCDMV Theft Bureau, and the Incident/Investigation Report, the case is closed.

The (Case Status) is listed as: (Closed/Cleared)

Additional Suspects in the case, which Boyd Brown is not listed as.

Andy Heath, the Special Agent who was in charge of the case, also confirmed that the case was closed, has been closed ever since the case trial and Boyd Brown is not a suspect.

The incumbent Sheriff Miller took his oppurtunity to attack Boyd Brown with a lie, which he claimed he was a victim of in 2014. News In Onslow has been on top of all of the lies that Sheriff Hans Miller has put out during his term as Onslow County Sheriff and this time, he himself has confirmed that he is a liar.

Raeford Brown with the Raeford Brown Show reached out the District Attorney’s office and here’s what he learned, listen BELOW:

Hopefully, Boyd Brown will take legal action against Miller for the lies, possible financial losses and emotional stress he has dealt with over the last few months or longer.

We can expect Sheriff Miller not to apologize to Boyd Brown or “We The People” because his ego is bigger than the whole Onslow County Sheriff’s Department. We don’t know why Miller would think he can re-open a case that was already turned over to the state and was resolved.

On May 8, Hans Miller does not deserve your vote.

The man of “Honor and Integrity” no longer exists.

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