In a detailed post made concurrent with the closing of campaign filing, the highly regarded County Commissioner, Air Force Veteran and famed NCIS Agent has offered a detailed answer to those asking, and sometimes begging, for him to run for Sheriff. Knapp acknowledged the persuasiveness of the public, confirming in his post “…a lot of you were VERY persistent (smile)” and stating that his desire to run for Sheriff was “forefront in his thoughts”, but that he kept a close hold on his intentions.

Knapp cites two specific reasons for holding off on this election: potential health concerns in the family that he needs to tend to, and his desire to fulfill his promise to the public by completing his term as a commissioner.

Knapp hasn’t yet closed the door for 2022 and it appears that there’s still a large part of him that wants to put his vast experience in the seat.

The commissioner also had some sage advice for the campaigns already underway, “It is my earnest wish and hope that ALL campaigns will be conducted in a clean, mature and professional manner with the highest level of integrity” – remarks that seem pointed directly toward the Sheriff’s race which is already scarred with nasty mudslinging.

Without Knapp, and John Yopp having dropped out, the Sheriff’s race remains a three way battle to 8 May, with both Boyd Brown and Walter J Scott attempting to unseat incumbent Hans Miller.

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