Election filing in full swing – new Sheriff candidate announced!

Onslow County Election filing is now in the third day, and as of yesterday afternoon, only one candidate had officially filed for the Sheriff’s race – the bumbling incumbent, Hans Miller.

That changed this morning as former Onslow County Sheriff’s Office Public Relations Officer, Walter J. Scott, formally filed his candidacy under the republican party.

Little is publicly available about Scott at this point. We’ve not been able to find an official website or facebook page, but do understand that he worked under former Sheriff Ed Brown as the Public Relations Officer, volunteered for the Special Olympics and is an Army Veteran of Desert Storm.

According to public voter records, Scott, of Richlands North Carolina, has been an active voter since 1996. His roots run Democratic, but suddenly switched parties after the 2012 general election, staying aligned with the Republicans since that time.

Opposing candidates Boyd Brown and John Yopp haven’t yet made a showing at the Board of Elections. Boyd Brown has continued his facebook campaigning and signs are starting to pop up across the county. Yopp’s facebook page is virtually stagnant, with no new material in well over a month.

Potential candidates and current County Commissioners, Paul Buchanon and Robin Knapp, remain totally quiet on the issue.

The Republican Party is now a total of two deep, while the Democrats and Independents stand at a whopping zero. Candidate filing for the Sheriff’s races closes on 28 February, and the fee to file for the Sheriff’s race is $975.83, according to election officials.

Stay tuned to News In Onslow for our non-stop coverage of the 2018 Onslow County Sheriff’s race!”

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