Fired Jacksonville Police Officer sidepiece remains in Onslow County Jail

A Jacksonville woman who accused a former Jacksonville Police Officer of raping her remains in the Onslow County Jail.

Tiara Murphy-Butler, 30, was arrested on May 10, 2018, for obstruction of justice but she also faces charges for possession of a controlled substance, possession of counterfeit instruments, and obtaining property by false pretenses. 

Tiara Murphy-Butler

Butler accused Brandon Korczak, a former Jacksonville Police Officer, of taking her to a vacant home with only a bed inside and raping her. After our initial investigation into the allegations, we learned that Korczak, who is married, and Butler had a consensual, dating relationship going on at the time. One of Butler’s close friends told News In Onslow that Butler told her Korczak forced her to be in a relationship with him.

Brandon Korczak

During the course of Butler’s trouble with the law, she met Korczak after she was arrested, prior to the current charges, and he came on to her. She alleges that she continually denied his advances due to the fact that he told her that he was married. Korczak was fired from the Jacksonville Police Department because he allegedly helped Butler out of a dope deal. Korzack was also criminally charged for Obstruction of Justice.

According to Butler, she was never with Korczak in a sexual way before he allegedly raped her. The two joked around and he flirted with her but it never went further than that.

News In Onslow has personally viewed Korczak’s court documents and he did, in fact, help Butler out of a dope deal but the question is why?

Why did Korczak get Butler out of the dope deal? According to Butler, they weren’t having sex prior to him allegedly raping her so what motivation would a police officer have to risk his career and possible jail time to get charges against an alleged drug dealer dropped?

The answer is that Korczak was obsessed with and in-love with Butler but because she wouldn’t let him have a piece of the pie, he, allegedly, raped her. (Word on the curb).

Here’s a message that Korczak sent Butler after he was charged and she turned him into the SBI.

Butler’s next court dates are scheduled for September 12 and 24, 2018. She remains in the Onslow County Jail.



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