Florida sheriff refuses to resign

Lawmakers call for the resignation of Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, after multiple reports indicated that the SRO and multiple other deputies refused to enter school during shooting. Additional reports indicate that the Broward Sheriffs office and the SRO had received multiple reports of shooter, Nikolas Cruz’s behavior and took no action.

Israel maintains that he is an excellent leader and should not be judged by his failures.

Scott Peterson, the longtime SRO at the Parkland’s Stoneman Douglas High School, is reported to have his behind a barrier at the stairwell throughout the entire shooting, an account confirmed by Sheriff Scott Israel. Students have told news outlets they didn’t know or see the SRO on a day to day basis, and only ever saw him directing morning traffic.

Despite the behavior, Peterson was allowed to retire with full benefits after 33 years of service, and is reputed to have received glowing reviews.

The Coral Springs police also report that upon arriving they discovered several Broward County deputies, under charge of Sheriff Scott Israel, hiding outside the school and refusing to engage the shooter-a point at which Coral Sprigs PD took over, only to learn that camera footage information they were provided was under nearly a 30 minute delay and the shooter was having a drink at a local Walmart while they were fed a steady stream of bad information.

News In Onslow has learned that a Supreme Court ruling provides no recourse for people failed, or even killed, as a result failure to act from police officers or in this case, Broward Sheriff’s deputies. No liability exists for law enforcement unless they do act, or do so in a way that places a person in greater risk of harm. That means that officers can sit back and watch a shooting unfold, and do nothing without facing consequences.

Scott Peterson, now dubbed the “Coward of Broward“, is under 24/7 protection from law enforcement agencies on the taxpayer dime as he faces public outcry for his failure to fulfill his obligations to the students. One source told News In Onslow, “I hope he hears gunshots and screaming children every time he closes his eyes and for the rest of eternity”.

Failure to act during the shooting isn’t the Sheriff’s only transgression. The office has reportedly entered into an agreement with the school allowing them to handle crimes outside law enforcement purview, and without ever standing in front of a judge. The agreement allows school officials to circumvent the courts and keep crimes out of public venue – including drug offenses.

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