History to be made in Swansboro if Count and Countess are found, where are they?

Nearly 40 years later, history could be made if the “Count and Countess”, last seen in 1980, can be rediscovered.

Barbara Humphrey Garrett, the owner of “The Everyday Home” blog, has a friend, John Carter, who in 1980 was doing a research paper on “Ghosts of North Carolina”. During his research, Carter was reading about graves and their origins when he came across some interesting information. Located in Swansboro, off of Hammocks Beach Road, there were three graves belonging to a Count, a Countess, and that of a small child.

Carter shared his findings with Greg Jenkins, a mutual friend of both he and Garrett who is now deceased, and the two decided to investigate further. The two men set off on their bicycles in search of the gravesite and came upon a 6×6 marker at the end of Hammocks Beach Road. The marker gave directions on how to get to the gravesites and they were located a mere 100 feet from the road. Jenkins told Carter that he had to show Garrett what they had just discovered and that was the last time any of the three had visited the now missing gravesite.

Garret described, in vivid detail, what she had seen nearly 40 years ago; “It was two graves, very tall obelisks stone that had “COUNT AND COUNTESS” in capital letters. They were six to eight feet tall, there were children’s graves around them, there was a baby’s grave, [and] faint remnants of a picket fence surrounded by woods.”

Sunday, March 4, she, her two grandsons, Cole 12, Devin 8, along with Ruth Rudd, went on a search, in the exact location where, 39 years ago, she, Carter and Jenkins had first seen them. “I have to find them. I just feel like this is a very, very important part of Swansboro’s history or it could change Swansboro’s history as we know it now”. The search, which began amongst thick underbrush, muddy waters, and low ground prone to flooding, was joined by Ralph Hines, who believes that the “COUNT AND COUNTESS” were likely moved to higher ground.

During the search, News In Onslow placed a call to ‘Psychic Advisors’ and spoke with Bernadette, a psychic medium, who confirmed the information that Garrett had previously found out during her research in the ‘80’s. She also shared that there is an “83-year-old man in town who was a marshal or a former deputy in the 1980’s that’s alive [and] knows about these specific graves”.

As the search for the mysterious “COUNT AND COUNTESS” continues, Garret hopes to have the gravesite preserved if found.

Ruth Rudd said she hopes that when the “COUNT AND COUNTESS” are found, that she is there to witness it.

“We have to do everything we can to find them,”Garret said.

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  1. Barbara Garrett

    March 5, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Thank you so much for being there with us and for helping spread the word.

    • newsinonslow

      March 5, 2018 at 9:03 pm

      You’re welcome! We look forward to the next search.

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