Sources close to the Mariah woods investigation and the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office have come forward to News In Onslow stating that Kristy Kay Hunter – Mom of slain tot Mariah Woods – will face no charges stemming from her untimely childhood death.

Police have charged live-in boyfriend, Earl Kimrey, with murder. District attorney, Ernie Lee, later announced plans to seek the death penalty.

3 year old Mariah Woods, a disabled child with muscular dystrophy, was reported missing on 27 November 2017 and eventually found in the bottom of Holland Shelter Creek five days later on 2 December 2017. She was discovered after a massive and unprecedented search by a Pender County dive team.

Earl Kimrey was charged with first-degree murder after deputies of the OCSO and the FBI analyzed the autopsy and toxicology results and found that Mariah died of chloroform poisoning.

Chloroform, an otherwise obsolete chemical, is used in the manufacture of illicit methamphetamine – illegal drugs that Earl Kimrey is known to be involved in.

Two days ago we released 911 audio recordings of Earl, in an obvious drug-induced stupor, incoherently pleading for help from 911 operators. The public initially expected that Kristy Hunter had made the call, but with law enforcement seeking court-sealing of the records, no one knew that she’d avoided doing so until this week.

Kimrey was also accused of abhorrent sexual misconduct – details of which we will leave out – with both Mariah and her two minor siblings. These allegations were reported to the Department of Social Services and Onslow County Courts and seem to have been ignored.

Recent revelations raise substantial questions. Among those asked of News In Onslow:

– Why didn’t Kristy call 911 about her own child?

– Why did Kristy allow her children to be exposed to illicit meth labs and repeated sexual abuse?

– How did Kristy fool the courts and keep the biological father, Alex Woods, from having contact with his children?

– How does Kristy do all this and walk Scott-free???

Public outcry is at an all time high in Onslow with residents calling for court reform, DSS reform, and the ousting of the bumbling and incompetent Sheriff Hans Miller; an elected official with a documented history of failing to act upon knowledge of child rape in the case of Caitlyn Ridgeway.

Will Mariah Woods ever see justice in Onslow County?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Susie

    March 29, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    I think it abhorrent that this woman is walking away Scott free! Its more her fault than anyone’s for not protecting her child!

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