INSIDER REPORT: Men that possibly killed Tre’ McFadden will NOT be charged

One inmate in the Onslow County Jail made an outgoing call Wednesday to a family member and told them that the three men accused of killing Tre’ McFadden will NOT be charged in his unsolved death.

An Onslow County Inmate told a family member Wednesday that Captain Fred Jeffries at the Onslow County Jail allegedly told him that Hans Miller told Jeffries that the three men accused of killing Tre’ McFadden the early morning of May 16, 2017, will not be charged in his death. The family of Tre’ McFadden believed the three men who were with Tre’ may have killed him but Sheriff Hans Miller with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department says there’s no evidence of criminal activity in the man’s death.

The three men told police that Tre’ jumped out of the moving vehicle 50-60 mph after he was acting “erratic and paranoid”. The three men who were with McFadden told detectives that they looked for McFadden but couldn’t locate him due to overgrown vegetation in the area. They assumed Tre’ survived the jump from the vehicle and ran off somewhere as a result of them not dialing 911.

The family member didn’t reveal the inmate’s identity but did say that the inmate was told by Captain Jeffries of the Onslow County Jail that Miller allegedly told the Captain that the three men would not be charged in the death and that the investigation revealed no criminal activity was involved.

At a protest in January of 2018 for McFadden, Jones said that she believes the investigation into her son’s death is not being handled professionally.

“First off they should have been considered suspects,” she said in the response to the three men deemed as the witnesses of Tre’ allegedly jumping out of a vehicle.

According to the inmate, Jeffries allegedly told the inmate that he was told by Hans Miller that the investigation into McFadden’s death was closed. Miller continues to mislead Mrs. Jones with regards to the investigation continuing.

Monica Jones, mother of Tre’ McFadden releases the full story about the death of Tre’ McFadden:







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