Jacksonville K-Mart closing for good

The Henderson Drive Jacksonville K-Mart is expected to close later in January.

The Jacksonville K-Mart is located at 1130 Henderson Drive. It is not the only K-Mart location that is expected to close in North Carolina. Officials say the Piney Green location in Jacksonville will close as well.

Henderson Drive K-Mart in Jacksonville.

The move was made by Sears Holdings as it continues to downsize its company because of losses in customer shopping and as more people move online and other discount businesses such as Walmart and Target.

In an online press release, Sears said the closure is an effort to “right size” it’s footprint.

“In the process, as previously announced we will continue to close some unprofitable stores as we transform our business model so that our physical store footprint and our digital capabilities match the needs and preferences of our members. It’s important to note that these stores will remain open to service customers during the holiday season.”

Sears previously announced that it was closing 18 of its own stores and 45 K-Mart stores. More stores are reported to close in late January of 2018 but some are expected to close sooner.

K-Mart shoppers in Jacksonville are upset over the closings but some are calling the K-Mart stores prices ‘ridiculous.’

“I am glad the store is closing,” Craig Smith of Jacksonville said.

While Smith is happy, others are not. “I love shopping at K-Mart because of their customer service.” Grace Jones of Richlands said.

Officials announced the Piney Green Jacksonville K-Mart store to close in mid-March and early April.

Just decades ago, Sears Holdings operated more than 3,000 Sears and K-Mart locations but now that number is down to barely over 1,000.

The Jacksonville K-Mart in Piney Green had a pharmacy that many customers say they will miss in a social media discussion.

Hundreds of employees will be without jobs due to the closings.


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