Jomi and Dee’s Boutique Brings “Sexy Back” to Jacksonville

There is a new boutique store in Jacksonville and it has brought with it some excitement that members of the community have been longing for.

Jomi and Dee’s Boutique, a new family-owned business, located at 1002 Henderson Drive next to Diamond Vapor in the old Strut Boutique space, opened its doors last month. The store, where the prices are hard to beat, sells everything from lingerie and church’s praise dancewear to sex toys.

The owners, Jomaira and Derrick Holden, who are a happily married husband and wife team, said that they started the boutique in order to “bring sexy to Jacksonville”.

We had a small store in Jersey and wanted to just bring what we had, down here and get everyone to come into our business and feel comfortable,” co-owner Derrick Holden said.

Jomaira’s sister, Genie Morris, said that they want their customers to feel “like family”.

According to Morris, the larger impersonal chain stores, such as “Priscilla’s” or “Adam & Eve”, may only carry one size which limits their consumer base. However, that is a good thing for the Holdens because Jomi and Dee’s carries a wide variety of sizes in their lingerie as well as the more intimate items they offer.

The boutique is split into three different sections to make the shopping experience better for customers.  The front of the store is basically G rated and here you can find praise dancewear. The middle, the PG-13 section, is where body shapers, lingerie, and other undergarments are located. At the back of the store, where the rating jumps to an XXX, is where all of the strictly adult, 18 and over, items are located.

Jomi and Dee’s is open 10 AM-7PM  Monday through Saturday so stop in, welcome them to the neighborhood and find something fun for you and your significant other to do this Valentine’s Day.



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