Local pastor beaten by husband

Rumors are swarming around Jacksonville concerning two local pastors in Jacksonville who were involved in a physical altercation with each other.

Michael Claiborne and Lisa Claiborne of New Rivers Ministries located at 475 Marine Blvd., Jacksonville, NC alleged altercation became physical after insiders say Michael Claiborne assaulted his wife Lisa, sending her to the hospital with multiple injuries.

The two “married” couples were at their Rock Creek home when Lisa approached Michael with questions about other women nudity pictures on his phone. Lisa, then allegedly said to Michael that he would not be who he is without her, also mentioning the materialistic things she has done for him. Insiders say Michael called Lisa a B*** saying “you ain’t done nothing for me but what a wife is supposed to do.” Lisa allegedly slapped Pastor Michael and that’s when Michael choked Lisa over their two-story home staircase, allegedly punched her in the face three times and then pushed her down the stairs which resulted in the pastor going to Onslow Memorial Hospital. Lisa’s arm was in a sling and neck in a brace due to her severe injuries at the hands of her husband, Michael.

Michael was invited by the New Rivers Ministries pastor, Lisa to preach at a service six years ago after she recently went through a divorce. During that time, Michael proposed to Lisa and she said yes.

In the early stages of the two marriage, Michael was accused of sleeping around with other women in their church. One lady, he slept with decided to purchase the church 500 chairs, after moving into their new church at 475 Marine Blvd. from 615 New Bridge Street in Jacksonville. By common law, Lisa and Michael are married, however, records to a valid marriage license cannot be found. According to Obnoxious Television, if Lisa were to marry Michael Claiborne legally, she and her business would be responsible for the close to six figures of back child support he owes.

The “Claiborne’s” have had several fall-outs with local churches in Jacksonville. The two pastors would preach that other local churches in the community were jealous of them and the things they were doing in the Jacksonville area such as hosting a fashion show, biker’s blessings, church revivals, and a Black Lives matter protest that some say failed as the years progressed.

It is being rumored that Lisa reported to Onslow Memorial Hospital ER that she fell down the staircase inside her home, to avoid Michael’s arrest for allegedly assaulting her.

Michael who has had several encounters with law enforcement recently was released on an $8,116.00 cash bond after being jailed for nearly 30 days for failing to pay child support ordered by a judge.

Michael’s vision as a “prophet of God” is to be mayor of Jacksonville in 2020 but citizens of Onslow County may have a second thought about that after Claiborne allegedly assaulted his “Nala.”

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