Local Prophet who nearly killed his wife lays “adulterous hands” in an affair at Motel 6!

A local pastor of New Rivers Ministries, located at 1277 Freedom Way in Hubert, North Carolina has been caught again allegedly having sex with another church member.

“Prophet”Michael Claiborne, 49, of Jacksonville who nearly killed his wife in “A Knock Out Drag Out Fight” in June of 2017, is back in the headlights after he was caught allegedly laying it down on a 4 foot 5 church member name Jazzmen Price.

The beautiful Jazzmen Price

Claiborne’s “wife”, he’s not legally married to, LisaBlakeParkerWithersClaiborne allegedly caught Michael sexting other women on his phone back in June, which led him to give the lady pastor ‘them hands’, sending her to Onslow Memorial Hospital with multiple injuries. 

Michael and Lisa were at their now “foreclosed” Rock Creek home last year when the two got into “an altercation that became physical,” according to Michael Claiborne. The struggling pastor was told by his stripper, that “she made him and he would be nothing without her.”Michael is said to have called Lisa a B*** when she slapped him and he allegedly punched her in the face three times, choking her over the staircase, before pushing her down the stairs in their home.

Friends of Lisa’s former husband, Bishop Chris Parker told News In Onslow, that he divorced her over the lie about her “HIV” status, which coincides with Lisa stating during a sermon that her ex-husband, Chris was ashamed of her testimony. Why would anyone be ashamed of you telling a testimony about God healing you from a deadly virus? 

Over the years, Lisa claims she has proof of her negative “HIV” status and rumors are that her current self-proclaimed husband Michael haven’t seen the documents.

Michael Claiborne came to preach at a service for Pastor Lisa about seven years ago at 615 New Bridge Street after she went through an unfinalized divorce with Bishop Chris Parker at the time. During that time, Michael proposed to Lisa and she said YES, one of the biggest mistakes of her 59 years of living.

Big preachers in Christendom said Michael was dying on the road with very few engagements. The struggling “prophet” saw Lisa and the church she started as a Bible Study in her beauty shop as a golden opportunity, according to ObnoxiousTelevision.

This is not the first time that Michael has been accused of sleeping around on Lisa. During the early stages of their marriage, Michael was accused of sleeping around on a now-deceased woman, that members of New Rivers Ministries say Lisa did witchcraft on after she found out about the affair.

Michael was accused of also sleeping with a woman who is no longer with the ministry after he made “promises” to her that was evident enough for her to purchase the church five-hundred purple chairs.

Marriage records searched through all 50 states databases, could not locate a valid marriage license for the couple. The two may not be legally married, being that Lisa and her struggling beauty salon would be responsible for the close to six figures of back child support Michael owes if they were legally married.

The Claiborne’s has had several fall-outs with local churches, which later caused Lisa to allegedly be evicted from her 475 Marine Blvd. location. We can’t confirm if the Pastor was evicted, but we do know that Lisa asked another church to swap churches because she couldn’t handle the bills with the stray church members not paying their tithes.

On April 5, 2017, Michael was arrested after not obeying a Judge’s order to pay child support. His bond was set at $8,116 and it took nearly 30 days before the bond was posted. Insiders say that they were at praise team rehearsal the night Michael was arrested and all were ready to bond him out until his wife Lisa said, “let him sit there for awhile.” Members said that Lisa did that to punish Michael for allegedly cheating on her recently.

Now, Michael is being accused of cheating on his wife LisaBlake Parker WithersClaiborne again with his little ‘Judy’ name Jazzmen Price at the Motel 6 in Jacksonville. Price was a member of New Rivers Ministries before she was caught by Lisa walking in on her and Michael finishing their business. Word on the street is that Lisa plans on doing the same thing to Price as she did to the woman she allegedly killed with voodoo.

Insiders say Lisa and Price god-mother was headed to the Motel 6 with Michael’s grandbaby when Lisa allegedly spotted Price getting dressed from being in the bed with her husband. According to sources, Lisa attempted to attack Price but Michael blocked the attack while Price escaped the hotel. It is said that after Price got to her vehicle, her god-mother had busted all of her windows out the car. Price hasn’t been back to the ministry since.

Price told friends that Michael had been taking care of her, by sending her money whenever she needed.

Michael Claiborne’s vision as a Prophet of God is to be Mayor of Jacksonville in 2020.

These two are no more fit to pastor then Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.  The scam artist hidden secrets are coming out.  God has taken the cover off these two wolves in sheep clothing.

During the time Michael was incarcerated for the failure to pay child support, Lisa was contacted by famous church blogger a William G.McCray III and this was their conversation. A pastor with so much “anointing” has a mouth of the devil.


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