LOOK! Sheriff Hans Miller alleged ESTRANGED wife calls him OUT!!!!

LAWD HAVE MERCY! I don’t think Sheriff Hans Miller will be returning back to the (lakehouse) after his estranged wife calls him OUT!

First and foremost, all of you that know Sheriff Hans Miller, knows he ain’t who he really say he is. However, I’m close to blasting some of you politicians like (Robin Knapp), who knows more dirt than his very own dirt about this crooked sheriff but scared to say something. Lastly, I stand behind Hans Miller estranged wife Beck Miller, who challenges his (Integrity). Matter of fact, she throws shots and says she has “GENUINE INTEGRITY”.

Many of you know WHY the Sheriff doesn’t have his beautiful wife lying beside him every night and many of you don’t. To those who don’t know, he committed adultery. And let’s just say, he still ain’t behaving.

A couple of days ago, we received an email from an anonymous person, who sent us a Facebook post published by Miller’s estranged wife Becky Miller. In the post, Mrs. Becky posted a photo of a “Vote Hans Miller For Sheriff” political sign that was placed in her yard. On the sign, it read “Vote Becky Miller For Onslow County Sheriff”.

In the caption of the photo posted by Becky, it read “Found this in my yard today now this is FUNNY.” But you’ll know, some of us are only there just for the comments. Now, Mrs. Becky got a lot of good responses on the post and many said they would vote for her.

It’s unclear who Mrs. Becky will be voting for in the upcoming sheriff’s election but rumor has it that candidate Boyd Brown has her FULL undivided attention. We can’t confirm that this is true but RUMOR definitely has it. I would hope she isn’t voting for Hans Miller after, in the Facebook post, she may have been insinuating that he neglected his (FAMILY & TRUE FRIENDS).



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