Mariah Wood’s father Alex Woods accused of assaulting girlfriend

Alex Woods, father of slain 3-year-old Mariah Woods, has been accused of jumping on his girlfriend, Heather Kraft, and allegedly beating the hell out of her, according to sources close to the couple.

Alex Woods, who lost his daughter, Mariah, last November, and his girlfriend, Heather Kraft, have been having relationship issues lately. A source close to the couple tells News In Onslow that the death of Mariah has had an extremely negative impact on the couple even though they seemed to show the world how strong they were when Mariah’s death made international headlines.

You would have never suspected that his “power couple” would end up [allegedly] violently attacking one another. Sources say that Kraft is a survivor of  malicious attacks by Alex. We cannot confirm that she was attacked by Woods as the source tells us but according to court documents, the two are listed on Monday’s docket for domestic violence.

Back in December, after Mariah Woods body was recovered in Pender County, advocates for the family rumored on social media that the couple was lying about needing money to get a bigger house in order to regain custody of Mariah’s two brothers. After investigating, we wrote a story about the this and exposed the couple for lying saying the Judge would grant Alex full custody if he can house all of the children, including Kraft’s.

Source tell us that after the Department of Social Services ran the mandatory background checks on each of them, allegations of drug use and back child support that Alex owed were just a few of the many reasons that they were not granted custody of the two boys. As of press time, one of the boys is with Kristy’s mother, Mel, while the other remains in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Alex Woods and Heather Kraft are to appear before Judge Carol Jones Monday, April 23 at 9 AM. Earl Kimrey, the man accused of the murder of Mariah Woods, is due in court that day as well.

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