Microphones taken from Miller during Press Conference about counties largest bust!

Sheriff Hans Miller held a press conference today attempting to steal the thunder from hard working narcotics detectives who brought down a massive cocaine and heroin ring after a more than one year investigation.

Unfortunately for Hans, he was unable to answer even the easiet of softball questions from his favored media, and ended up with egg on his face.

Both reporting agencies took the mics from Miller and gave them to Onslow County Major Chris Thomas, who was able to provide the clarity the public needed.

Major Thomas, reluctant to participate, stayed center stage for the remainder of the conference, able to directly answer all questions:

-The individual arrested was 27-year-old, Austin Kyle Lee.-He was living with family members, but also on probation from drug trafficking conviction in NY.

-He used an alternate residence to avoid detection by Probation Officers.

-The investigation was comprised of several hours of surveillance and undercover purchases by narcotics detectives.

-The cocaine and heroin seized has a street value of over $210,000.

-Jewelry, and two luxury vehicles a (Mercedes and Lexus) were also seized.

-3 guns were seized, one of which has an altered serial number indicating its stolen status.

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