News In Onslow’s Full 2018 Onslow County Sheriff’s Election Coverage

Stay tuned to News In Onslow for full coverage of the 2018 Onslow County Sheriff’s election!

What’s in store for the county remains to be seen! We’ll continue to publish the truth, the grit, and the shame as it becomes available!

In one corner we have incumbent Hans Miller. He has a long padded history and is unabashed in patting himself on the back.

Incumbent, Hans Miller

The question remains, can he be trusted? Facebook postings have emerged linking Miller to multiple phony Facebook accounts used to spread fake rumors, attack the competition, and prop up the pro-Miller media.

Discipline in the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office is weak, and Miller is known to conduct phony demotions, and let people quietly resign when they should be fired and criminally charged-covering their “six”, as he likes to say.

In the other corner, we have Boyd Brown. Boyd is an accomplished law enforcement officer and local dairy farmer but has been under relentless attacks by the Miller campaign. He’s accused of not knowing where the jail is while serving as the Chief Deputy, being a ringleader for tractor theft, abusing resources to recover his brother’s airplane and auction fraud! Do any of these allegations hold water?

Registered Sheriff’s Candidate, Boyd Brown

Boyd isn’t afraid to answer, but Miller is steadfast determined to squeal impropriety to the public.

A big dirty bag of tricks and no one knows who can be trusted.

Multiple other possibilities exist…rumors abound indicate possible candidacy by Paul Buchannan. He currently serves as a commissioner for Onslow County, is a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran, and the Director of Law Enforcement Training at Coastal Carolina Community College.

Rumored Sheriff Candidate, Paul Buchannan

Another potential ofter heard is Robin Knapp. Famed NCIS detective and veteran, also currently serving as a county commissioner. Knapp is afraid to run against Miller because of “Friendship” reasons but Miller is out in town dragging Knapp’s name through the mud.

Robin Knapp

Who is best fit to restore honor and integrity to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office and bring the county into the 21st century?

You’ll hear it first right here, at News In Onslow!

Gerald Jackson and Janet Torress contributed to this story.

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