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OC Sheriff Election SHOWDOWN! Miller and campaign launches attack against candidate Boyd Brown



Sheriff Hans Miller and his campaign plans on playing dirty in the upcoming Sheriff’s election in Onslow County.


Sheriff Hans Miller who is not at all worthy to take a dog to the dog pound has sent out a message to his opposing sheriff candidate Boyd Brown that he plans on playing “dirty” in this upcoming Onslow County Sheriff’s Election.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller and his “Re-Elect Sheriff Hans Miller” campaign have started a rumor that Sheriff Candidate Boyd Brown was a suspect in a 2004 case involving a “Tractor Theft Ring.” Miller and his campaign launched the attack on Brown after learning that Brown filed to run for Sheriff. “Thief” is what the corrupt sheriff and his campaign called Brown claiming that in 2004 Brown was charged with stealing tractors. Miller has failed to produce evidence to support such allegations.

In November, Miller posted on social media calling Brown a thief and making a statement that the people of Onslow County should never vote him into public office. “Stay with someone who SERVES all people equally, with Honor and Integrity,” Miller wrote.

Sheriff Candidate Boyd Brown, who is not related to former Sheriff Ed Brown responded to the “rumors and fake news” started by Hans Miller and his campaign on Facebook Wednesday afternoon. At the end of Brown’s response, he said  “There are those that are trying hard to destroy my name and campaign by spreading false allegations and rumors. I have no apologies for these incidents. I am open to conversation about myself and events to anyone who asks. However, in return, I ask that only factual information be shared about my life, career, and position on political topics. Please feel free to call me at 910.389.8119.”

What Boyd Brown did is what real men do, unlike Sheriff Hans Miller who happens to run from his problems. Hopefully, this problem Miller now have won’t be a still “under investigation” response but rather a “Yes, I said that” response.

An anonymous person contacted News In Onslow earlier today with a conversation between them and Sheriff Hans Miller. In the Facebook messages, you will read a questioned posed to Miller and his Boyd Brown attack response.

In the conversation, Miller said that he will be putting out all the documents on Brown as it relates to the 2004 “Tractor Theft Ring” case. It seems as though Miller is afraid of Brown and that his term as Sheriff of Onslow County will come to an end.


NOE: The black are areas to protect the names of other individuals this anonymous person communicating with.

Hopefully Brown will be smart and wise to decline all calls from Sheriff Hans Miller.

Hans Miller is an undercover snake and he make deals with the devil!!!!

He will attack you and once what he did has become public knowledge, he will call you and deny it. He’s the type of crook to wear a body-cam during a phone call with no physical interaction. 

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  1. Daina

    January 26, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Sheriff Miller is crooked as they come. His statement of honesty and integrity is ludicrous. He needs to look up the definition of these words. He covered up for one of his own that resigned in February 2106. This detective was forced to resign or be fired. He chose to resign. Sheriff Miller told the public this year after this deceive was murdered that he resigned for personal reasons and that he had no knowledge of the incidents that caused this man to have a restraining order against him from 2106 to 2017. Tell me how he didn’t know????? He is a disgrace to our county.

  2. Thomas

    February 3, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    I have never heard of “NEWS IN ONSLOW” until this week. Obviously it is pro Boyd Brown and not privy to telling the whole truth. There is plenty of mud to sling when it comes to Boyd Brown.

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Explosion in Austin, $100,000 reward for suspect(s)



Two men have suffered serious injuries Sunday night after an explosion was reported in Southwestern Austin, Texas, according to emergency workers.

Officials have not confirmed whether the explosion was a result of a packaged bomb but three heard blast over the past month in Austin have killed two people and critically wounded at least two women.

Tonight’s explosion occurred on Dawn Song Drive, according to Austin-Travis County EMS Twitter account. “At this incident and are prepping those patients for transport.”

Two men who are believed to be in their 20’s were injured, according to investigators adding that the injuries were not expected to be life-threatening.

Austin police said the reward for information leading to an arrest in the deadly explosions has risen by $50,000 to a new total of $100,000. More than 500 officers, including federal agents, have conducted 236 interviews following up 435 leads.


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BUSTED!!! It’s A Low Down Dirty Shame, Keep It Southern Construction owner accused of scam



A dirty, low-down construction company owner is being investigated by law enforcement after he was accused of scamming over 100 people over a number of years.


Dennis Ray Rose, 39, currently of Marshallberg, NC, this according to new “business” paperwork, has allegedly had many fake unlicensed businesses, but two of them allowed for an extremely lavish life, until NOW!

Many customers of “Always A Rose Construction”, previously based out of Onslow County, which has been renamed “Keep It Southern Construction”, and is now based in Marshallberg, NC, told News In Onslow that they would pay Rose for work that he never completed. He would make excuses as to why he was unable to complete the job and when asked for a refund, he would threaten the customer with legal action claiming that the customer was in breach of contract because they failed to allow him to “perform his services” in a time frame he deemed acceptable.

After investigating this scam, News In Onslow learned that Rose would go to the “Camp Lejeune Online yard Sales!” Facebook group and advertise his business suggesting that his company offered “the lowest prices around”. This was part of his scam that was used to lure customers in and convince them that the work they needed was not as expensive as they thought. He would also advertise jobs with his company claiming that he was in need of workers that were “dependable and have knowledge of all construction.”

Once Rose found his next unsuspecting victim, he would allegedly meet with them and show them “fake papers that he was licensed” knowing full well that he was not. Customers were required to pay a 50% deposit up front for the total cost of the job, Rose would start the work but it was never finished.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Rose currently have 4 complaints filed against him, in which one complaint states: “I have a contract with this business to paint and do repairs on my house. They did bad work, never finished the job and they were paid $1,650 I have a contract with this company to paint and do repairs on my house, they did bad work and never did all repairs. I have tried several times to get them to finish their work. I keep being told they will come out and they never show up. A guy they sent to work on my house was smoking weed in my backyard. I paid them $1650 in cash and they have not been back to finish. I will have to hire another contractor to redo everything they have done. I want my $1,650 returned.”

Another complainant, according to the Better Business Bureau said that Rose company “took payment for work never completed. Took 1400 to disassemble move be reassemble a pool and install electrical line to pool equipment. Dissembles and moved pool. Has never come back. Disconnected his phone service. Won’t respond to my communication.”

You can read the other complaints at

News In Onslow reached out to both Rose and his girlfriend, Tammy, for a statement and they adamantly denied the allegations.

Local authorities have confirmed with News In Onslow that Rose has had numerous complaints made against him and that the case is currently in the hands of the District Attorney’s Office.


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BUSTED! Local Veteran Thrift Store of America doors close following owner’s exposure of multiple SCANDALS



A man that many thought they could trust is now going down BIG TIME!

The owner of both the Veteran Thrift Store of America, located at 709 New Bridge Street in Downtown Jacksonville and the Pink Ribbon Caffe, located at 411 N Main Street, in Downtown Tarboro, Myron McCutcheon, is under fire for fraud, embezzlement, drug allegations, unpaid employees, rejected 501(c) 3 and possible tax evasion.

McCutcheon told many in the Onslow and Edgecombe communities that he had been medically discharged from the United States Marine Corps, but citizens later found out that he is dishonest and he was actually dishonorably discharged as a (Private) following drug charges.

After his dishonorable discharge, McCutcheon purported to be a Veteran of varying ranks, which ranged from Private to Gunnery Sergeant. It appeared that his rank was actually “Stolen Valor”, and according to “The Stolen Valor Act” of 2013, “it is a federal crime to fraudulently claim to be a recipient of certain military decorations or medals in order to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefits”.  While it appeared to be beneficial to the community, nothing was free.

McCutcheon’s aid to the community came at the cost of inflated Facebook reviews to boost his reputation. According to the former CEO of the Veteran Thrift Store of America, this was the only circumstance in which McCutcheon would assist community members. He claimed that he wanted to create a way to give back to the veterans who served and even those that continued to serve as first responders.

The thrift store opened in March of 2017 and sources say that McCutcheon used the title of “Veteran” to obtain donations and scam people to help support his illegitimate charity. News In Onslow spoke to the landlord of 709 New Bridge Street on Friday afternoon who confirmed that McCutcheon will be served with an eviction notice in the coming weeks but what will happen to the donations remains unknown.

In April of 2017, McCutcheon registered “American Heroes of Valor Corporation” as a 501 (C) 3 with the State of North Carolina and was approved but the IRS rejected his application. During that time, he attempted to attach “Veteran Thrift Store of America” to the “American Heroes of Valor Corporation” and began accepting donations for veterans knowing that it was illegal.

After “Veteran Thrift Store of America” closed, McCutcheon took his scam to Tarboro where he launched the “Pink Ribbon Caffe”, for which he says he came up with the idea of opening because he wanted to help cancer victims who were struggling with to pay their bills. Sources tell News In Onslow, that all proceeds are not going to anyone other than McCutcheon to fund his, alleged, drug and alcohol use.

In a recently published article by the Tar River Times, they mention that the employees of the Pink Ribbon Cafe“started catching onto McCutcheon’s antics, and the multiple lies that began to surface that McCutcheon had been caught in.” Supporters of McCutcheon were astonished when they found out that he lied about the Pink Ribbon Cafe being registered as a non-profit 501(C) 3.

Sometime later, after the Pink Ribbon Cafe official launch February 23, 2017, Tarboro Police discovered that McCutcheon had a three-year-old warrant for failure to appear on a driving while license revoked charge in Onslow County. He claims that it was his attorney’s fault for not doing his job which was to take care of the charges on his behalf. After further investigation, officials stated that he was not represented by an attorney in that case.

Days later, McCutcheon was arrested again by Tarboro Police after Detective Sgt. Brandon Richardson launched an investigation and concluded that McCutcheon refused to pay his employees. He has been charged with three counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.

Two of McCutcheon’s former employees resigned from his companies last week in light of these new allegations and charges.


To FOLLOW all the latest  on McCutcheon, here is the Veteran Thrift Store of America Facebook page:

McCutcheon is scheduled to appear in Edgecombe County Court on the three counts of obtaining property by false pretenses March 21, 2018.


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