OC Sheriff Election SHOWDOWN! Miller and campaign launches attack against candidate Boyd Brown

Sheriff Hans Miller and his campaign plans on playing dirty in the upcoming Sheriff’s election in Onslow County.


Sheriff Hans Miller who is not at all worthy to take a dog to the dog pound has sent out a message to his opposing sheriff candidate Boyd Brown that he plans on playing “dirty” in this upcoming Onslow County Sheriff’s Election.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller and his “Re-Elect Sheriff Hans Miller” campaign have started a rumor that Sheriff Candidate Boyd Brown was a suspect in a 2004 case involving a “Tractor Theft Ring.” Miller and his campaign launched the attack on Brown after learning that Brown filed to run for Sheriff. “Thief” is what the corrupt sheriff and his campaign called Brown claiming that in 2004 Brown was charged with stealing tractors. Miller has failed to produce evidence to support such allegations.

In November, Miller posted on social media calling Brown a thief and making a statement that the people of Onslow County should never vote him into public office. “Stay with someone who SERVES all people equally, with Honor and Integrity,” Miller wrote.

Sheriff Candidate Boyd Brown, who is not related to former Sheriff Ed Brown responded to the “rumors and fake news” started by Hans Miller and his campaign on Facebook Wednesday afternoon. At the end of Brown’s response, he said  “There are those that are trying hard to destroy my name and campaign by spreading false allegations and rumors. I have no apologies for these incidents. I am open to conversation about myself and events to anyone who asks. However, in return, I ask that only factual information be shared about my life, career, and position on political topics. Please feel free to call me at 910.389.8119.”

What Boyd Brown did is what real men do, unlike Sheriff Hans Miller who happens to run from his problems. Hopefully, this problem Miller now have won’t be a still “under investigation” response but rather a “Yes, I said that” response.

An anonymous person contacted News In Onslow earlier today with a conversation between them and Sheriff Hans Miller. In the Facebook messages, you will read a questioned posed to Miller and his Boyd Brown attack response.

In the conversation, Miller said that he will be putting out all the documents on Brown as it relates to the 2004 “Tractor Theft Ring” case. It seems as though Miller is afraid of Brown and that his term as Sheriff of Onslow County will come to an end.


NOE: The black are areas to protect the names of other individuals this anonymous person communicating with.

Hopefully Brown will be smart and wise to decline all calls from Sheriff Hans Miller.

Hans Miller is an undercover snake and he make deals with the devil!!!!

He will attack you and once what he did has become public knowledge, he will call you and deny it. He’s the type of crook to wear a body-cam during a phone call with no physical interaction. 



  1. Daina

    January 26, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Sheriff Miller is crooked as they come. His statement of honesty and integrity is ludicrous. He needs to look up the definition of these words. He covered up for one of his own that resigned in February 2106. This detective was forced to resign or be fired. He chose to resign. Sheriff Miller told the public this year after this deceive was murdered that he resigned for personal reasons and that he had no knowledge of the incidents that caused this man to have a restraining order against him from 2106 to 2017. Tell me how he didn’t know????? He is a disgrace to our county.

  2. Thomas

    February 3, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    I have never heard of “NEWS IN ONSLOW” until this week. Obviously it is pro Boyd Brown and not privy to telling the whole truth. There is plenty of mud to sling when it comes to Boyd Brown.

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