Onslow County deputy endorses Sheriff Miller after he allowed ex-stepdaughter to be raped

An Onslow County Deputy has endorsed Sheriff Hans Miller after he allegedly allowed the deputy’s then step-daughter to be raped by another Onslow County Deputy, who is now deceased.

The nation today stands in the wake of hundreds of high profile rape and sex scandals, and victims are finally beginning to have a voice. The #MeToo Movement has helped to strengthen hundreds of victims, root out the offenders, and serve justice. Men of power continue to fall from grace on a near-daily basis, and complicit leaders at all levels of government and private institutions are resigning in droves when their complicity to rape and sex abuse is discovered.

In Onslow County, however, things remain a bit murky behind the times.

Less than two years after complaining to the court that the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office had failed to control predator and then-deputy William Clifton during an “internal investigation,” Deputy David Pickett now supports Hans Miller for Sheriff in an open facebook posting.

William Clifton

In February of 2016, Pickett, acting as Guardian Ad Litem for Caitlyn Ridgeway, stated in a signed affidavit that Deputy Will Clifton had tried the drunken child to a bed, intimidated her with pictures and a gun, and threatened to kill himself if he were reported. Pickett apeared to be making a “last ditch” effort in seeking assistance from the court, noting that Clifton was under an “internal” investigation by Sheriff Hans Miller, but refused to follow Onslow County Sheriff’s Office orders to stay away from the victim. Almost concurrently with the court actions, Clifton was quietly allowed to resign from the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office without any form of bad paper-an act the Sheriff would later claim was not a criminal in nature, just a difference in “values”.

David Pickett

Miller also stated that allegations of a crime by a deputy would not be handled internally, but referred to an external agency.

Judge Henry Stevens upheld Pickett’s complaint issuing a temporary Ex Parte Order, and later a permanent Domestic Violence Protective Order. The judge not only ordered Clifton to stay away from the victim, but also area parks, including Woodlands Park where he was ultimately found funned down in July of 2017. An act that would later land his accuser, Caitlyn Ridgeway, behind bards while facing murder charges.

Despite being failed by the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office investigation, Deputy Pickett has made a lengthy posting praising Onslow County Sheriff’s Office leadership and asking the people to vote for Hans Miller in 2018.

As a potential witness in the pending murder case against teenager Caitlyn Ridgeway, Pickett could be under influence from the Sheriff. Deputies in North Carolina work at the “pleasure of the Sheriff,” and can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. One wrong move by Pickett, especially after spilling the internal investigation, could have his future on the chopping block.

You can read the DVPO Here: William Clifton’s DVPO

Only time will tell if and ever Onslow County will hold the complicit leaders accountable and make necessary changes to give all victims a voice.


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