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Onslow County deputy endorses Sheriff Miller after he allowed ex-stepdaughter to be raped



An Onslow County Deputy has endorsed Sheriff Hans Miller after he allegedly allowed the deputy’s then step-daughter to be raped by another Onslow County Deputy, who is now deceased.

The nation today stands in the wake of hundreds of high profile rape and sex scandals, and victims are finally beginning to have a voice. The #MeToo Movement has helped to strengthen hundreds of victims, root out the offenders, and serve justice. Men of power continue to fall from grace on a near-daily basis, and complicit leaders at all levels of government and private institutions are resigning in droves when their complicity to rape and sex abuse is discovered.

In Onslow County, however, things remain a bit murky behind the times.

Less than two years after complaining to the court that the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office had failed to control predator and then-deputy William Clifton during an “internal investigation,” Deputy David Pickett now supports Hans Miller for Sheriff in an open facebook posting.

William Clifton

In February of 2016, Pickett, acting as Guardian Ad Litem for Caitlyn Ridgeway, stated in a signed affidavit that Deputy Will Clifton had tried the drunken child to a bed, intimidated her with pictures and a gun, and threatened to kill himself if he were reported. Pickett apeared to be making a “last ditch” effort in seeking assistance from the court, noting that Clifton was under an “internal” investigation by Sheriff Hans Miller, but refused to follow Onslow County Sheriff’s Office orders to stay away from the victim. Almost concurrently with the court actions, Clifton was quietly allowed to resign from the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office without any form of bad paper-an act the Sheriff would later claim was not a criminal in nature, just a difference in “values”.

David Pickett

Miller also stated that allegations of a crime by a deputy would not be handled internally, but referred to an external agency.

Judge Henry Stevens upheld Pickett’s complaint issuing a temporary Ex Parte Order, and later a permanent Domestic Violence Protective Order. The judge not only ordered Clifton to stay away from the victim, but also area parks, including Woodlands Park where he was ultimately found funned down in July of 2017. An act that would later land his accuser, Caitlyn Ridgeway, behind bards while facing murder charges.

Despite being failed by the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office investigation, Deputy Pickett has made a lengthy posting praising Onslow County Sheriff’s Office leadership and asking the people to vote for Hans Miller in 2018.

As a potential witness in the pending murder case against teenager Caitlyn Ridgeway, Pickett could be under influence from the Sheriff. Deputies in North Carolina work at the “pleasure of the Sheriff,” and can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. One wrong move by Pickett, especially after spilling the internal investigation, could have his future on the chopping block.

You can read the DVPO Here: William Clifton’s DVPO

Only time will tell if and ever Onslow County will hold the complicit leaders accountable and make necessary changes to give all victims a voice.



BUSTED! Local Veteran Thrift Store of America doors close following owner’s exposure of multiple SCANDALS



A man that many thought they could trust is now going down BIG TIME!

The owner of both the Veteran Thrift Store of America, located at 709 New Bridge Street in Downtown Jacksonville and the Pink Ribbon Caffe, located at 411 N Main Street, in Downtown Tarboro, Myron McCutcheon, is under fire for fraud, embezzlement, drug allegations, unpaid employees, rejected 501(c) 3 and possible tax evasion.

McCutcheon told many in the Onslow and Edgecombe communities that he had been medically discharged from the United States Marine Corps, but citizens later found out that he is dishonest and he was actually dishonorably discharged as a (Private) following drug charges.

After his dishonorable discharge, McCutcheon purported to be a Veteran of varying ranks, which ranged from Private to Gunnery Sergeant. It appeared that his rank was actually “Stolen Valor”, and according to “The Stolen Valor Act” of 2013, “it is a federal crime to fraudulently claim to be a recipient of certain military decorations or medals in order to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefits”.  While it appeared to be beneficial to the community, nothing was free.

McCutcheon’s aid to the community came at the cost of inflated Facebook reviews to boost his reputation. According to the former CEO of the Veteran Thrift Store of America, this was the only circumstance in which McCutcheon would assist community members. He claimed that he wanted to create a way to give back to the veterans who served and even those that continued to serve as first responders.

The thrift store opened in March of 2017 and sources say that McCutcheon used the title of “Veteran” to obtain donations and scam people to help support his illegitimate charity. News In Onslow spoke to the landlord of 709 New Bridge Street on Friday afternoon who confirmed that McCutcheon will be served with an eviction notice in the coming weeks but what will happen to the donations remains unknown.

In April of 2017, McCutcheon registered “American Heroes of Valor Corporation” as a 501 (C) 3 with the State of North Carolina and was approved but the IRS rejected his application. During that time, he attempted to attach “Veteran Thrift Store of America” to the “American Heroes of Valor Corporation” and began accepting donations for veterans knowing that it was illegal.

After “Veteran Thrift Store of America” closed, McCutcheon took his scam to Tarboro where he launched the “Pink Ribbon Caffe”, for which he says he came up with the idea of opening because he wanted to help cancer victims who were struggling with to pay their bills. Sources tell News In Onslow, that all proceeds are not going to anyone other than McCutcheon to fund his, alleged, drug and alcohol use.

In a recently published article by the Tar River Times, they mention that the employees of the Pink Ribbon Cafe“started catching onto McCutcheon’s antics, and the multiple lies that began to surface that McCutcheon had been caught in.” Supporters of McCutcheon were astonished when they found out that he lied about the Pink Ribbon Cafe being registered as a non-profit 501(C) 3.

Sometime later, after the Pink Ribbon Cafe official launch February 23, 2017, Tarboro Police discovered that McCutcheon had a three-year-old warrant for failure to appear on a driving while license revoked charge in Onslow County. He claims that it was his attorney’s fault for not doing his job which was to take care of the charges on his behalf. After further investigation, officials stated that he was not represented by an attorney in that case.

Days later, McCutcheon was arrested again by Tarboro Police after Detective Sgt. Brandon Richardson launched an investigation and concluded that McCutcheon refused to pay his employees. He has been charged with three counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.

Two of McCutcheon’s former employees resigned from his companies last week in light of these new allegations and charges.


To FOLLOW all the latest  on McCutcheon, here is the Veteran Thrift Store of America Facebook page:

McCutcheon is scheduled to appear in Edgecombe County Court on the three counts of obtaining property by false pretenses March 21, 2018.


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Teachers block Swansboro HS students from participating in walk out



We reported to you earlier Wednesday on our Facebook that parents had contacted us about their child being denied the right to exercise their First Amendment Right.

Students at Swansboro High School say they were blocked from trying to peaceably assemble and honor the 17 lives killed in Parkland, Fl. last month.

A student who declined to have her name in the article told News In Onslow, that the school asked all students to be silent for 17 seconds to honor the students and staff who lost their lives in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

After the 17 seconds of silence, they had a pep rally that included: Tug of War, Hula Hoop, and other games but students felt that what happened in Florida could happen in Jacksonville if laws on guns are not changed.

“Many of us wanted to participate but we were silenced. We couldn’t express our concerns and our school was very disrespectful to the victims and families of this tragedy,” the student said.

Students at Swansboro High School said they were “threatened” to be suspended and face disciplinary actions if they chose to participate in the walkouts. To prevent that, students said they decided to walk away after teachers and the school’s SRO blocked the exits.

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Suspect sought in convenience store robbery



Police are looking for a white man wearing a dark gray hoodie and is driving a silver Hyundai Sante Fe, after he held up a local Maysville store Wednesday afternoon, according to officials.

Officials say, Mo’s Mart, on Belgrade-Swansboro Road in Maysville was robbed by an armed man who took cash and drove off in an SUV.

Officials say the robber pointed his weapon at the store clerk, in which he then took a “small amount” of cash.

If you have information about this incident, call 911 or the OCSO at 910-455-3113. If you have information but wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards up to $2,500 for information deemed of value of assistance to law enforcement. Callers to Crime Stoppers may remain anonymous and never have to reveal their identity when calling 910-938-3273. Information can also be anonymously texted via Text-A-Tip by typing TIP4CSJAX and your message to 274637.

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