Onslow County Sheriff refuses to meet with local blogger, demands apology

You know what’s sad? Is when the most “powerful” man in the county can’t take the HEAT. Sheriff Hans Miller can’t take that I put his whole professional and personal life before the citizens of Onslow County.

He doesn’t like it when I call him out on his dirty laundry. Miller is the type of man that is not at ALL worthy to take a dog to the dog pound. He’s the type of thug to steal drug money from a drug bust and the type to sleep around at the Triangle Motor Inn. (Don’t tell anybody I told you this)

Sheriff Miller is not only battling with his alleged “drinking problems,” but he is known for putting his foot down to his critics and criticism on social media. I am not one of Hans Miller’s critics, I am simply a blogger who holds him accountable just like I will anybody else that’s in an elected position.  It may be a surprise to some that the Sheriff will not be using the Russians to help him win a second term.

So, last week, on Tuesday, April 10, I went to go pay the Sheriff a visit about some concerns I had as a citizen…BUT once I arrived, one of his employees said he wasn’t in and then another employee 10 minutes later tell me that he was in a meeting. Well, of course, I waited, because I was on the Sheriff’s time.

About an hour and 30 minutes later, I spoke with his secretary and she told me that Sheriff Miller said he will NOT speak with me until I publicly apologize and issue a retraction on all of the stories that I’ve ever written that was about him. For a man to say that he has an open door policy and any CITIZEN can come to the Sheriff’s office and speak with him, he sure did lie to the public and refuse to meet with me.

Sheriff Hans Miller can’t even DENY that this would be our first time in a meeting together because it wouldn’t be. I was slamming his crooked a** then, so what’s the issue now?

You’re mad because you’re a LIAR, MANIPULATOR, THIEF, BACKSTABBER and you have INFIDELITIES.

It seems as though the Sheriff refuses to address the many allegations that have come out about him, rather he demands an apology from ME. He’d rather address my past instead of facing the truth and telling the citizens of Onslow County about his crooked, scandalous ways.

Sheriff Hans Miller is not for “We The People,” but only for “Hans Miller,” and is enjoying the title of Sheriff.



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