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Onslow County Sleazebag Board of Education Member RESIGNS



Onslow County Board of Education SLEAZEBAG Jonathan Merritt’s resignation comes one day after we wrote our story about his recent arrest. 

36-Year-Old Jonathan Merritt has been forced out of his Board of Education position after he was arrested Thursday, May 24 on the charges of failure to precaution against dangerous dogs, attack by a dangerous dog, two counts of failure of owner to control animals and failure to provide rabies vaccination tag after his dog attacked a 10-year-old boy.

Over the Memorial Day WeekendNews In Onslow learned that Merritt allegedly trained his dog to attack a non-family member. However, that dog has been killed and Merritt will have to pay for the crime. Officials said it wasn’t the first time Merritt allowed his dog to attack someone, although after an attack eight-months ago he signed a document stating he would keep the animal on his property or leashed at all times.

We understand that you can only control an animal to a certain extent but in this case, Merritt had a responsibility and failed.

Merritt wrote a letter of resignation to the Board of Education: “After deliberate conversation with my wife, family, and friends, coupled with strong advice from fellow Board Member Bob Williams, I believe it is in the best interest of all parties involved, most importantly the students of Onslow County, to submit the resignation of my seat on the Onslow County Board of Education effective immediately.”

According to police warrants, Merritt’s dog allegedly left his property and attacked a 10-year-old boy, sending the child to the hospital for medical attention.

If Merritt wanted to keep his name in good-standing with Onslow County, it was in his best interest to not listen to his family this time, who wanted him to stay seated as a Board Member like they coerced him to stay in 2017 and resign immediately. Merritt said although it was his family idea for him to stay, he said Williams thought leaving the board was the best option.

Merritt didn’t learn his lesson from his first arrest in 2017 but after looking at the jail time he could face with these new charges, it was best for him to voluntarily step away rather than be carried away in handcuffs when he goes to trial.

Merritt was elected in 2016 before the switch this year to a partisan election. He had two more years remaining but Pam Thomas, Board of Education Chair said the board will appoint someone to complete the remaining two years.

Merritt claimed that other factors were also a reason he decided to resign despite his recent arrest for playing the lead role in his decision. He said that he has no plans to run for the board again at this time (hopefully never) but will continue to advocate for education in Onslow County.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Judith A. Walker

    May 30, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    You need to watch what you say and how you say it! Do you want someone bring up your pass and call you a sleazebag?? None of the stories on your website are not written in any professional way. Looks like an 5th grader that wrote this and other on your website. Also you must pull a lot of stuff out of the thin air.

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Owner of Elite Tattoo Gallery in Jacksonville is accused of scamming tattoo artists across country



The owner of Elite Tattoo Gallery in Jacksonville, North Carolina will soon have to answer to a lawsuit after she allegedly scammed dozens of tattoo artists out of thousands of dollars after she canceled an event.

In a Facebook post by Bryan Thomas, a victim of the alleged scam said Wednesday that in March of this year he signed up for an educational tattoo seminar called “The Impact Project.” Thomas said a ticket to the event cost him $1,600. He received an email earlier Wednesday about the event canceling, and there will be no refunds.

The event is an Indianapolis event organized by local Jacksonville Elite Tattoo Gallery owner, Melissa Ferranto.

According to the Impact Project website, the four-day conference was supposed to be held at the downtown Hilton in September, so artists could collaborate and learn how to best run a successful business.

Impact Project flyer.

Tattoo artists say they received an email Wednesday that “the event and all future events are canceled indefinitely due to unforeseen tragic matters and extreme circumstances. The funds for the ticket sales have been used for the forward progression of the conference” and says they cannot refund any tickets.


Email artists received.

Many of the artists say they have contacted their financial institution to dispute the charges, but some are way out of the time frame they can file a dispute.

Fox59 in Indianapolis spoke with a local tattoo artist who said “everything looked real and legit,” but that all changed the night he received an email about the event canceling and that there would be no refunds. (click HERE for their story)

News In Onslow reached out to Melissa Ferranto and she released this statement to us BELOW:

Dear Colleagues, I want to start out by apologizing for the delay in getting this email sent. Please don’t mistake the delay in communication for a lack of concern for what has transpired. We care deeply about each person that has been negatively affected by cancellation of the event.

My intention is to be completely forthright about why the event was cancelled and all other relevant matters. However, instead of providing a piecemeal explanation at this time, I have been advised to wait until I can provide a thorough statement, including an accounting of funds and a final resolution.

Please rest assured that we are working diligently on a remedy. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I send out my sincerest apologies to everyone involved.


Melissa Ferranto Representative of the Impact Project, Elite Tattoo Gallery and Body Piercing Studio, LLC

Ferranto told News In Onslow that she is represented by an attorney.

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Man who killed Sheldon Prawl in 2013 will spend nearly 50 years in prison



“Sheldon tried to kill my sister,” Carleton Davis said to Prawl’s mother Beverly Daley as she read her impact statement to the court. 

“I have not only lost one child but two children, and if it was up to me, Davis and Cheri would receive the death penalty,” Daley said.

It took two weeks of trial and nearly 6 hours total of deliberation for a jury to convict 38-year-old Carleton Davis in the death of Sheldon Prawl. 

Today, Carleton Davis, 38, was found guilty of second-degree murder and felony concealment of death. Judge Imelda Pate told Davis that he would spend nearly 50 years in prison. He was sentenced to serve a total of 38-to-48 years in prison. Davis killed Sheldon Prawl in 2013 and put his remains in two-cement filled foot lockers outside a house in Detroit, Michigan. Police later found Prawl’s body after a neighbor reported a bad odor coming from the backyard. 

Davis sister Cheri Davis, has also been charged in the case. She was the girlfriend of Prawl. She has been charged with felony destruction of bodily remains to conceal a death, felony conspiracy, felony accessory after the fact, and felony common law obstruction of justice and she is out of jail on bond. 

Here’s what Carleton Davis had to say to the court before his sentencing BELOW:

Stay tuned to for all the latest.

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Man accused of killing Sheldon Prawl in 2013 won’t testify, evidence is circumstantial



A man accused of killing Sheldon Prawl in 2013 will not testify in his murder trial.

Carleton Davis, 38, of Georgia, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 23-year-old Sheldon Prawl.

In court, Assistant District Attorney Mike Maultsby said that Prawl was last seen on Halloween in 2013 and, shortly thereafter, 35-year-old Cheri Lee Davis, Carleton Davis‘ sister, reported him missing. Prawl’s body was found in Detroit, Michigan dismembered in two separate containers filled with cement on May 30, 2014.

In the States closing argument Wednesday afternoon, they spoke about the relationship between Davis and Richard Jackson, who lived next door to the home Prawl’s body was found. Jackson and Davis were pulled over in Brunswick County in 2014 on unrelated drug and gun charges.

“The case is a circumstantial evidence case. The circumstances, in this case, proves without a reasonable doubt that the defendant killed Sheldon Pawl,” Maultsby told the jury. 

Maultsby talked about how Prawl and his mother Beverly Daley spoke every other day and on October 31, 2013, she received a text message from Prawl’s phone saying “Travel, talk to you soon.” Davis said in her testimony that she gave it a few days before she contacted Cherri Davis, Prawl’s girlfriend on November 2, begging her to make a report to the police about her son missing. 

In the state’s closing argument, Maultsby told the jury that “Carleton Davis had a motive to end the life of Sheldon Prawl because he did not like what he did to his sister.” It took the state 58 minutes to argue their closing to the jury and the defense will argue their closing at 1:30 PM Wednesday afternoon. 

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