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Onslow County’s 2018 Sheriff’s Election heats up as new candidate enters the ring officially!



Onslow County’s 2018 Sheriff’s Election heats up as John Yopp enters the ring hoping to unseat Hans Miller in the Primary!

Republican John Raymond Yopp of Jacksonville, North Carolina has announced his intentions to run for the 2018 Sheriff’s race.

John Raymon Yopp, Onslow County 2018 Sheriff’s Election Republican Candidate.

According to his webpage, Yopp is a longtime resident of Onslow County; his family roots traceable to among the first to settle in the area. His families trades are connected to fishing, auto salvage, and radio broadcast.

John appears to have been a laborer earlier in life, seeking a career in law enforcement in September of 2001 at the urging of many friends. He’s experienced as a Jailer and Deputy under then-Sheriff Ed Brown, and later in private security work assisting both the JPD and OCSO with investigations.

He recently completed the Basic Law Enforcement Training course at Coastal Carolina Community College, and reinstated his law enforcement credentials on December 4th, 2017, after a 9-year-career hiatus while recovering from injury.

In a comment on Yopp’s “John Yopp for Sheriff” Facebook page, he says “I can say that the Shaw family is a lot of my inspiration to step up and run. There have been so many others that have told me I should give to my community as Sheriff. I don’t know any way other than listening to the needs of my community and responding with compassion and seeing proper application of the law serve justice while striving to make our county a safer place to live and work. Thank you for sharing.”

There’s now a three-way showdown between Onslow’s incumbent, Hans Miller, and challengers Boyd Brown and John Yopp.

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Voters are casting away



As of 2 p.m., 4,169 people in Onslow County have voted.

The only Democratic ballot with the highest voter turnout is in Richlands with 380 ballots cast so far. Four other precincts with a Democratic race are Catherine Lake (147), Gum Branch (221), Haws Run (138), and Nine Mile (122).

New River precinct has only seen eight voters so far-because they have Democratic ballots.

Precincts with just Republican ballots have reached higher number than those with ballots for two political parties.

Northwoods is in 2nd with the highest turnout of voters (273), followed by Brynn Marr and East Northwoods, both of which have seen (249) voters.

Vote Count For Each Precinct:

  1. Bear Creek: 241
  2. Brynn Marr: 249
  3. Catherine Lake: 147
  4. Cross Roads: 225
  5. East Northwoods: 249
  6. Folkstone: 166
  7. Gum Branch: 221
  8. Half Moon: 172
  9. Haws Run: 138
  10. Holly Ridge: 86
  11. Hubert: 155
  12. Jacksonville: 81
  13. Mills: 62
  14. Morton’s: 100
  15. New River: 8
  16. Nine Mile: 122
  17. Northeast A: 83
  18. Northeast B: 193
  19. Richlands: 380
  20. Snead’s Ferry: 223
  21. Swansboro: 314
  22. Tar Landing: 169
  23. Verona: 112
  24. West Northwoods: 273
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Voters to choose party nominees in Primary Election Day



North Carolina voters are choosing their parties’ nominees in dozens of legislative and congressional primary races congested with contestants.

More than 35 current General Assembly members and eight congressional incumbents are trying to advance through Tuesday’s primary elections.

Sitting members of Congress seeking re-election include House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows and Rep. Patrick McHenry, the chief deputy whip in the House. The most threatened GOP incumbents may be Reps. Robert Pittenger of Charlotte and Walter Jones of Farmville.

A little over 4 percent of the state’s 6.9 million registered voters cast ballots before Tuesday through early in-person or traditional absentee voting. Some registrants had no primaries in which to vote because there are no statewide races on Tuesday’s ballot.

You can find voter information including your registered polling precinct and a sample ballot for your area at the North Carolina State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement website. The polls are open from 6:30am-7:30 pm.

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Who will be your pick for Onslow County Sheriff on May 8? Vote Now!




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