Phony Facebook accounts run amok as former cyber-cop Miller continues to show his dirty hands!

In August of 2017, still dealing with the aftershock of the Will Clifton scandal, News In Onslow brought you the explosive expose uncovering Hans Miller’s phony Facebook account: Norbert Bayer.

Within minutes of publishing our story, Miller, who is a subscriber to News In Onslow, deleted the Norbert account. Luckily, none of that happened before the page was forever memorialized in screenshots.

To recap our coverage, the Norbert account, an obvious phony, had only a few friends, all in common with Miller.  The account was frequented by Miller…only Miller, in fact.  Often Miller would tag himself via the Norbert account, and then share the posts directly to his own page within just a few minutes.

The most disturbing revelation was that the account (Norbert) was used to drum up fake rumors of a “set up” against Miller, purportedly overheard at the “Angry Ginger”Miller immediately inquired and shared this to his own page – open to the world.  We were less than shocked that Miller was happy to throw his “informant” under the bus by making this public and visible to thousands…of course, no actual informant existed because it was all fake!

Not exactly coincidental, this rumor of a “set up” happened nearly simultaneous with Miller’s Facebook announcement to seek re-election, “one more term”!  

Insiders have since told us that Republican Party leaders were aware of the Norbert account, and allegedly treated Miller as the laughing stock of the party, but weren’t willing to speak on the record.

The question now, did Miller ever clean up his act or are his phony accounts still manipulating the public eye?

It doesn’t take much of a look.

Right after Norbert Bayer disappeared, a “Susan Paul” started posting regularly.  Another blatantly phony account, the profile photo is that of a 12-year old girl shamelessly lifted from the Charlotte Observer, and a banner photo stolen right from the NTBNC homepage, credited to photographer Mark McClure.

You can see the original profile photo at the bottom of this article:

Just like Norbert, the Susan account has an underlying and transparent motive: keep Miller in office at any cost.

The account is used to bash opposing candidate Boyd Brown, repeatedly accusing him of theft and fraud, and was even used to leave a wordless 1-star review on Boyd’s campaign page.

The Susan account trolls the local pages and groups taking every available opportunity to pat and stroke Miller’s ego, all while trying to undermine Boyd Brown and cast doubt on his integrity.

The Susan account has been banned from multiple local news outlets for being an obvious fraud, but still decided to retaliate by banging the keys in a lengthy diatribe of a review on the perceptibly pro-Miller JD News, falsely claiming that difference in viewpoints drove the multiple bannings.

Not satisfied that the JD News mentioned Boyd in an article, Susan then reverse stances and lashed out against the JD News, accusing them of being “in the tank” for Boyd Brown and denying free speech.

Then on 15 December, yet another local phony popped up, Jack LawrenceJack, also an easily identifiable fraud, purported to be new to the area, having graduated from East Rowan High in 1982 and now a disabled/retired phone company employee.  Like Norbert and Susan, this account used stock photos lifted from other locations: a Scottish terrier and an image of the Eilean Donan castle, a blatant and obvious effort to distance from Miller’s bier-drinking German roots and support Jack’s about me section, which indicated his wish to visit his birthplace of Scotland.

Jack, too, spent his waking hours trolling the Internet, taking every opportunity to bash the opposition and prop up Miller, including right here at News In OnslowJack was deep in politics in quite short order for being new to the area!

Facebook, notoriously conservative in deleting phony material, was quick to act on Jack Lawrence. They deleted his profile within minutes of inquiry, most likely evidence of their ability to detect multiple accounts linked, operated and manipulated from a single electronic device.

Don’t let these phony trolls steer you the wrong way.  Onslow County needs a candidate that has integrity – not one that uses phony accounts to claim he does!

As always, we’ll continue to deliver the raw and unfiltered news that the agenda-driven mainstream media ignores, and more importantly, we’ll never let the politicians pull a fast one!




  1. Caller of this dudes BS

    February 4, 2018 at 2:10 am

    This site is idiotic and always will be because it was started by someone who likes attention. I don’t think his dad hugged him enough when he was a kid. He claims to be a member of the clergy but I can assure he doesn’t represent King Jesus, this guy isnt eve a false prophet because he’s not a prophet. He’s just an attention seeking little boy who didn’t get enough likes on his personal Facebook page.

  2. Woodafu Caryou

    February 7, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    Isn’t the admin of this site “bomb-threat boy” who called in a bomb threat and blamed it on Sherrif Miller? Yes, yes he is.

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