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In a barely audible disastrous of an interview, Shupe says he is also working with a North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force group to better assist families who are going through the death of children.

Something that will make you say “Are you freaking kidding me?” or maybe something more… but another bizarre happening in Onslow County today, 41-year-old Jason Byron Shupe of Jacksonville has launched a Facebook page identifying his candidacy for Onslow County Commissioner in the upcoming election. His only listed team member is identified as a “Maegan Schultz”, an active poser operated by Shupe on Onslow County news websites, including right here at News In Onslow. According to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation’sSex Offender Registry, Shupe was convicted of “Solicitation of child by computer to commit an unlawful sexual act” on May 6, 2014.


He was placed on probation in exchange for a suspended prison sentence and required to be listed on the Sex Offender Registry for 10 years. In a softball interview with The Onslow Beat, Shupe took the stance that it was his 12-year-old son behind the computer and in communication with the other child, but that the conversation was not of any sexual nature whatsoever. Shupe further asserts the court got it all wrong. He states that he had evidence and testimony to prove his innocence, but in the end, pled guilty to the charge and accepted the sex offender status.

Shupe may have bamboozled Onslow’s BeatMelissa Oakley, but he couldn’t fool the public with this stunt.

News In Onslow obtained the warrant and Superior Court Indictment against Shupe earlier Thursday afternoon.

The warrant read that Jason Byron Shupe“unlawfully, willfully, and feloniously did SOLICIT A 13.Y/O FEMALE JUVENILE BY COMPUTER TO COMMIT A CRIME AGAINST NATURE.”

Below is a basic description of the charges Shupe is indicted on:

Despite this conviction for soliciting sex acts with a child, Shupe is campaigning with the goal of being an advocate for reform of the child welfare system. He claims on his Facebook to be working with the “State of North Carolina and multiple groups to promote advocacy for children in the court system and in foster care.”

This isn’t the first time Shupe has made a presence in local pages. In a since-deleted review on the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office Facebook, one poster slammed the Office for allowing him to have multiple phony accounts on Facebook. The poster went on to state that one of those accounts, Maegan Schultz” is shupe’s “go to”. The post, while deleted from the OCSO page, is still listed in Google archives. “Maegan Schultz”, as aforementioned, is Shupe’s only listed team member and often purports to be an advocate for children. The reason Shupe is on phony accounts is that his probation bars him from social media.

In June of 2014, Shupe violated probation by being on the premises of Onslow County Partnership for Children, according to court documents.

In apparent effort to distinguish himself from his sex offender photograph, Shupe wears opaque glasses in each photo on his campaign page.

We can’t help but wonder the public reaction to this announcement of candidacy. Will the public accept his excuse of blaming his son, yet pleading guilty, and support him and his goals of working with children in spite of his sex-offender status?

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Onslow County Schools under-fire by NAACP after refusing to address racial slurs at Richlands High School



Onslow County Schools are refusing to take action against a racial slur, which now has the NAACP involved.

Pender High School boys basketball team was visiting Richlands Monday, Feb. 12. when they discovered a racial slur painted in the visiting team’s locker room. A hopeful investigation is underway at Richlands High School into the racial slur being painted in the locker room. Onslow County Schools have yet to release a statement to the public regarding the racial slur, despite this incident being the third racial incident at Richlands High School.

Pender High School basketball coach Craig Wilson took to social media to express his concerns and frustration about the incident.

Wilson’s previous post read:

Million things going through my mind right now. We lost out tonight in conference tournament. I can live with that. We didn’t play well. But here’s what I can’t live with. On Saturday we played at Richlands high school. One of our kids on jv got into a fight on the court because a kid from Richlands called him a nigger and all hell broke loose. Tonight we get to the gym and they have us in the same locker room that we were in on Saturday. Written on the locker plain as day is NIGGER… I get the AD and he simply says let me get something and clean it off. Sorry, I didn’t know it was there. We also learn that this same high school got into a fight with our varsity football team for calling one of our players, yep you guessed it, a nigger… this is three racial slurs involving the same school.

Reverend Dante Murphy, President of The Pender County NAACP branch, said ” It is my sincere hope that the NCHSAA, the involved school systems, and other entities involved divert from the strong indicators of minimizing and covering up this issue and work transparently with the public.”

Murphy said in a Facebook post, that the Pender County NAACP  “initiated a formal request to the NCHSAA that school officials at Richlands High School be investigated for the unacknowledged acts of racial hatred involving Richlands High School during sporting events. We are asking local NAACP branches, elected officials, and citizens across this state to join us in resolving these acts of evils.”

This recent incident makes the third time a racial slur has been used or published during Richlands High School sporting events, that Onslow County Schools and Richlands High School has refused to respond to the pattern of behavior.

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Calls for gun control grow louder after Florida shooting



PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) – Pressure is growing for tougher gun-control laws after a Florida high school shooting that killed 17 people.

Thousands of angry protesters in Fort Lauderdale and St. Petersburg gathered Saturday to demand immediate action by legislators. More demonstrations are planned across the country in the weeks ahead.

Organizers are calling for a 17-minute walkout by teachers and students on March 14. The Network for Public Education announced a day of walkouts, sit-ins and other events on school campuses on April 20. The date is the anniversary of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado that left 12 students and one teacher dead.

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Quick Facebook post report gets teen mental help, not arrest



ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (AP) — Police in North Carolina say they were able to get mental help for a student who threatened to bring a BB gun to a high school so a police officer would kill him.

Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Detective E. W. Muse Jr. says the teen posted on Facebook earlier this month he wanted the officer at SouthWest Edgecombe High School to kill him.

Muse says the teen said he didn’t want to hurt students or teachers, so he was ordered to a hospital to get mental treatment and suspended from school for the rest of the year.

Muse told the Rocky Mount Telegram that the incident shows why it is so important for students and others to report any threats or strange behavior.


Information from: Rocky Mount Telegram,

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