Registered Child Sex Offender will be back in court Monday after abhorrent YouTube video, could face criminal charges

An Onslow County man, who is a registered sex offender, will be back in court Monday, June 11, after making a threatening YouTube video about a woman and wishing her child would commit suicide. 

Jason Byron Shupe, 33, of Shamrock Drive in Jacksonville, had a (Restraining Order) filed against him by a woman he threatened in a video after stating “I hope you daughter commits suicide”. On May 06, 2014, Shupe was convicted of SOLICITATION OF CHILD BY COMPUTER TO COMMIT UNLAWFUL SEX ACT and placed on 36 months of probation in which he violated twice after going to children’s daycare center’s. The child Shupe solicited was 15-years-old at the time he committed the crime, which was on January 1, 2010.

Shupe’s registry information

The complaint filed against, in which Shupe is listed as the defendant, alleges that on May 31, 2018, Jason Byron Shupe made a threatening video on YouTube tormenting and threatening a woman.

“He has made me fear for my life, as well as my children,” the woman stated in the complaint. It also states that Shupe called the woman a b*** and said “F** you,” with his middle fingers in a way that made her feel like if he saw her in person, he would attack her.

“Jason Shupe has a history of communicating threats and stalking people,” the complaint alleges.

The woman also stated that “Shupe sought information about her daughter’s employer and her previous spouse in an attempt to get information. “ After our investigation, we found out that Shupe alleged that the woman’s daughter worked for the owner of “Monster’s Pizza” who Shupe accused of being his colleague on the (Sex Offender Registry).

The woman is asking the judge, through her complaint, for Shupe to comply with the following items:

1.Order the Defendant not visit, assault, molest or otherwise interfere with her.

2.Order the Defendant to stop stalking her.

3.Order the Defendant to cease in harassing her.

4.Order the Defendant not to abuse or injure her.

5.Order the Defendant not to contact her, by telephone, written communication, or electronic means.

6.Order the Defendant to refrain from entering, or remaining present, at the plaintiff’s residence, school, place of employment, or other places.

The video posted on YouTube by Shupe has since been deleted. It’s unknown if Shupe got scared and deleted the video or if YouTube removed the video due to the coward’s promotion of acts of violence.

We reached out to YouTube to recover the deleted video to give to the woman as evidence in court, YouTube has responded to our request and the request is being processed.

Sexual predators, specifically those who target children, should not be let off with probation and expected to follow the laws and not re-offend. These type of offenders need to be given much stricter punishments in order to keep our communities safer for children and adults.

You can view the (Complaint For The Restraining Order) below:

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