Sheriff Candidates meet face-to-face, Brown take shots at Miller

Three men running for the seat of Onslow County Sheriff met face-to-face tonight in a Jacksonville Onslow Chambers of Commerce forum.

Incumbent Sheriff Hans Miller, Republican Candidate Boyd Brown and Republican Candidate Walter Scott all attended tonight’s forum to answer questions about teachers carrying guns in schools, community involvement, drug abuse, mental health as well as many other topics of importance voters.

Sitting from left to right were Walter Scott, Hans Miller, and Boyd Brown. Given their recent history, it is surprising that tonight did not end in a knock down, drag out fight between Miller and Brown. A few months ago, we published a Facebook message between Sheriff Hans Miller and another citizen, in which Miller allegedly told the citizen that Brown was a thief. Tonight during Brown’s opening statement, he brought up the fact that he was not a “thief” and he had proof of Hans Miller “lowdown tricks.”

Scott and Miller answered answered questions efficiently and adequately while Brown did not miss any opportunity to attack the Sheriff throughout the night to the point that the audience started whispering and looking at each other with different facial expressions.

Each candidate had two rebuttal cards, while Miller used both of his and Brown only one. During his rebuttal he accused the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department of spending a half of million dollars on uniforms.

“Why are we having to spend that kind of money just to go with green uniforms,”Brown said.

Each candidate made a closing statement to end the forum.

Walter Scott: “We need to work as a team with all ordinary organizations, I can’t do it by myself. We need to work together. We’ve got some fine employees at the sheriff’s office, absolutely outstanding. Am I going to do everything right? I’m going to try my best but I can assure you one thing, everybody that’s there will sill be there. We are there to serve the citizens of Onslow County and everyone that wear that badge will be accountable for what they do. We do serve the citizens of Onslow County and we’re going to do it professionally every way that we can.”

Boyd Brown:” I want to let the employees of the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office know, when I get there I will have a open door policy, not only for citizens but employees too. I will have your six. Everybody got to work as a team. We need action in the county.”

Hans Miller: We didn’t really get a chance to get Miller’s closing, but we caught the end. “More to come, thank you.”

Voting registration ends April 13 and primary elections are May 8.

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