Swansboro EMS/Rescue alleged sexual harassment and current investigation by EEOC

The recent conversations about sexual harassment committed by men in power in entertainment and politics have led a much closer look home in Onslow County.

Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad is being accused of past and current sexual harassment against females. Word on the street is that women of all ages are being catcalled, groped, threatened and even blackballed in Onslow County emergency services. The field is supposed to protect the public and it does but what do its members do to each other?

They support, protect and fight for each other but they also demean, emotionally harass and physically attack each other. It should be known that if you are a female firefighter, medic or EMT-B in Onslow County, God help you.

Besides the alleged sexual harassment, the same rescue squad is under investigation by the EEOC for gender discrimination and retaliation against a female member because she reported illegal behavior.

Insiders also added that in the past year, Swansboro EMS/Rescue Squad had been under investigation by OSHA, the NC Office of EMS, the NC Association of Rescue and EMS, and Onslow County EMS.

The conversation about harassment on a national level should be refocused on a local level.

Among other said allegations against this rescue squad, there are also alleged fraud, other financial discrepancies, and racial disparities.

A former EMT-B member of Swansboro/EMS Rescue Squad and the squad’s former chief, Larry Hildreth had ended a consensual relationship which led the former EMT-B to endure harassment. The ended relationship allegedly sparked retaliation from the former chief against the EMT-B. At the time of the relationship between the two, Hildreth was married to April Hildreth, who described her relationship with Larry as “estranged.”

Over the course of the “break-up,” Larry’s wife April allegedly began making physical threats, legal threats, and professional threats towards the former member, which concluded an Onslow County District Judge granting a No-Contact order against April Hildreth, Larry’s wife and himself.

Here is the document of a No-Contact order filed by the former EMT-B against April Hildreth: No-Contact order against April Hildreth

Here is the document of April Hildreth violating the Judge’s order: April Hildreth violation of No-Contact order

After the EMT-B reported the hostile work environment and threats to superiors, she was charged with “conduct unbecoming of a squad member,” and finally discharged on January 27, 2017, after Larry had his wife April Hildreth to join the rescue squad allegedly forcing the former member out.

During the time of the discharging and April Hildreth being accepted as a new member.  April was found guilty of violating a No-Contact order that specifically stated for her not to be near the former member. The member said that she was discriminated against because of her sex and reporting illegal behavior.

It is to be believed that Swansboro EMS/Rescue squad allegedly discharged the member because she reported the line officer to the legal system and internally to senior leadership for illegal behavior such as threatening and/or harassment, seeking an ex parte no-contact order against the line officer’s wife and enforcing the order against the line officer’s wife when violated it on SVRS premises.

Here are the documents filed by the former EMT-B member that also initiated an investigation into the SVRS by the EEOC BELOW:

EEOC Documents 1-3

EEOC Documents 4-6

EEOC Documents 7-12

In an email, this is what the former member told us:

“In January, I successfully obtained an exparte no contact order against Larry’s wife, April, for threatening me. I filed for a domestic protective order against Larry, but dropped it because the court told me that the phone number he used to contact me could not be traced — that it was a throwaway phone.

Neither of them filed for orders against me. Which, duh! I didn’t — and have never — threatened them, stalked them, cornered them, followed them, etc — so they could not.

April violated that no contact order at Swansboro EMS, and we stayed in court about it for six months. The judge, Michael Surles, found her GUILTY, but continued the case for 30 days to give her a chance to prove she would not contact me again.

He was sick after that and couldn’t hear the follow up until June.

In June, he found that she had not contacted me directly. While she HAD contacted me by third party means, it did not violate the letter of the law.

He therefore did not punish her. lead to part two of this story. no contact orders against him, his wife, his family member and then being advised by my lawyer to file criminal charges against his family member.

Approximately two days later, he messaged me that he was going to try to back out on the no contact order.

I’m going to send you copies of these orders as well as his messages to me.

So, to jump ahead, Coastal issued cease and desist notices to Larry and I to not talk to each other at school. The emergency services department head no contact order.

However, the order had EXPIRED, which no contact orders. Here are documents sent to us about the above emailed statement:

Larry Hildreth P1

Larry Hildreth P2

Larry message about him backing out on the no contact order he was tempting to file.

Larry messaging the former member of SVRS that he wanted to leave his wife April Hildreth

News In Onslow reached out to April Hildrethand she denied all allegations and documents above.

Check out more of the email below:

I have said in court and to her that if I had known they were actively together, I would NEVER have gotten involved with him in 2016. I’ve never been involved with a married man.

He described them as living in the same home but estranged. She herself said to me that I was his “free pass,” which although humiliating tells you how she felt about him in 2016. She really didn’t care.

However, in 2017, he tried to play both sides of the fence, telling her that they were together and then sending me flowers and messages. That’s what’s she mad about. She decided that she wanted him, and she hates that the loves me.

It’s doesn’t help that he is lying straight to her face, telling her that he hasn’t contacted me. She believes him on this (why, I have no idea), so she’s told the whole world I’ve stalked him.

I haven’t, and I’m attaching some of the messages he’s sent me. I’ve had to be careful with these messages because, at times, I’ve wondered if it was her, trying to get info from me or trying to set me up.

At this point, I simply want to move on and be happy.

However, I AM tired of her calling me a stalker and that message being communicated widely in the EMS community. I AM tired of being defamed and blamed for things I haven’t done.

I would like for Swanboro EMS/Rescue to take responsibility for their business failures, Larry to take responsbility for his failure as a man, and April to take responsibility for the things she has done — threatening me with death, trying to run me out of the EMS community in Onslow County, catfishing me, trying to have me falsely arrested, following me, taking pictures of me when I was in class, threatening to drive a machete through my head… the list goes on.

As for me, I have taken responsibility for what I did wrong. I loved the wrong person. I did his duties as a lieutenant and captain, I did his homework for Columbia Southern, I stood up for him when he was still just a squad member disliked for running calls drunk.

Believe me, I have LEARNED. I have PAID. Chief Matt Hayslip said he was mad at me because I shit where I ate. Well, I will never, ever, ever do that again. Nobody else at Swansboro EMS/Rescue, Inc. is penalized for doing that exact same thing, but I accept that it was the wrong thing to do, and I will NEVER do it again.

In other allegation against Swansboro Volunteer Rescue/EMS, former chief Florence Thurman allegedly embezzled over $7,000 from the rescue squad while she was chief. Insiders say the good “deeds” Thurman did for the squad impressed the rescue squad board of directors to count the “personal use” embezzled money as a loan to Thurman to avoid pressing criminal embezzlement charges against her for stealing the money.

Sources tell us that a governance board made this decision and this whole cover-up is an open “secret” at the squad. Its unknown of Thurman has paid the money she allegedly stole back to the squad or not but here are the tax documents proving the allegatons below:

Here are the documents of the rescue squad’s alleged violations below:

Swansboro Rescue Squad alleged violations

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