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The Official Teen Summer Jam 2018 (Sunday, August 5th) at Champs Lounge



The Official Teen Summer Jam 2018 is expected to be a lituation for all teenagers in Onslow County this Sunday night at Champ’s Lounge in Jacksonville.

Local Jacksonville club promoter Paul Scott told News In Onslow that he wants the kids to come out and have a good time and that security will be strictly enforced at the event. “Every event that I have had, there has not been one problem, one fight, one altercation and there will be a lot of security,” Scott said.

The Teen Summer Jam is hosted by Korey Scott, Paul Scott’s son and it is a must that the teenagers arrive early because every teenager in Jacksonville is talking about this party.

The party is hosted for ages 15-19 and there is a $7 admission fee.

Doors open at 8 PM until 1 AM.

Champs Lounge is located at 93 Western Blvd. in Jacksonville.

For more information, contact Paul Scott at (910)-382-7945

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1 Comment

  1. Tonya Grace

    August 3, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    We just moved in tow and heard about your site and now my kids have a place to go turnup at. Thanks for this info

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Entrepreneurship Camp for girls starts Monday in Jacksonville, ages 10-17



“My passion is to see young ladies during their best. I wanted to do something that would bring out their creativity and teach them that they can be a vital part and help build our economy,” is what the event organizer Aisha James had to say when asked what inspired her to host this kind of event. 

Aisha James said that this event will show the young ladies that the power of making money can start in their hands and in their minds if they just change their thinking. 

“I want to show them another way outside of how social media depicts the young ladies today,” James said.

The Entrepreneurship Hands-On Craft Camp is a 4-day event at Sleep Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, North Carolina located at 129 Circuit Lane.

The event will run through Monday, August 13-Thursday, August 16, where young ladies between the ages of 10-17 will be learning how to:

  • Upcycle old jeans and t-shirts
  • Properly rhinestone and embellish
  • Design cupcakes
  • Tutu designs and arts

This event will be a longterm goal for the girls. “These girls will always have something to fall back on in life and will always remember that they can make it and that they are somebody special in their own way,” James said.

James is no stranger in Jacksonville. Once before she held her first event titled “Working On My Selfie” at the USO in Jacksonville and more than 80 girls were in attendance. The purpose of that event was to teach the young girls to be more than a selfie by showing them the beauty on the inside of them. 

The event beginning Monday will be James first event based around entrepreneurship, which is planned to take place every year. The event is sold out and will begin at 10 AM-3 PM daily.


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Out with the old and in with the new, Roller City Skating Rink to open Thursday





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Welp, now that the HALFWAY HOUSE doors at Skate Nation have closed, it’s time for new owners to give the people of Jacksonville what they’ve all be waiting for and that’s a REAL SAFE family-fun skating rink.

Jeni and Bradley Lanier, of Richlands, and the new owners of Roller City skating rink will hold its grand opening Thursday evening at 120 Bridget Lane in Southwest of Jacksonville. The rink known as Wheels and Skate Nation will now be the place for every teenager to have fun and experience fun in a safe environment. We reported to you two weeks ago about the closing of Skate Nation due to drugs and violence which led the halfway house to run out of business. (click HERE if you missed that)

The new owners said that when they saw the announcement about the rink closing, they immediately started looking into it the same day. According to the family, the skating rink floor has been repaired and re-coated. All skates left at the rink by the old owners have been cleaned, including removing old gum stuck to the wheels.

I think that’s a darn shame that the former owners of this rink weren’t even taking care of the skates…, why is gum stuck to the wheels of the skates? Thankfully no one got hurt because had anyone did it would’ve been a check the Brown’s couldn’t have written.

Roller City will be open Thursday through Sunday and regular admission is $9, with the exception of Thursday, which is cheapskate for $5. There will be $1 off admission on Sundays for those who bring in a church bulletin.

Homeschool students will be able to skate every Friday morning once the school year starts back. Toddler skating will also be in the making and the community interest in the new addition is much needed.

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Platinum-selling group, Sister Hazel to headline in Jacksonville at Tarheel Concert Lounge



The platinum-selling group, Sister Hazel is bringing their “Roll On Bye” 2018 tour to Jacksonville, North Carolina.

The group will play at the Tarheel Concert Lounge on Thursday, August 2. The group will perform some of their new singles like “Roll on Bye” and “You Won’t See Me Again,” as well as the fan favorites, “All For You.”

Fans can expect a great show and also get a VIP experience. These packages include access to a Sister Hazel pre-show event, extensive Q & A session with the band, limited-edition merchandise, and much more.

Doors open at 7 PM and ticket sales start at $20. For additional information click HERE.

For more information on Sister Hazel visit Follow Sister Hazel @SisterHazelBand, Instagram/sisterhazelband, and

. **Add @SisterHazelBand to your Spotify and Pandora Playlists!

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