Tony Stewart settles in wrongful death suit with Kevin Ward’s family

The former NASCAR driver and current NASCAR team co-owner Tony Stewart and the family of Kevin Ward have reportedly come to an agreement regarding the Ward family’s wrongful death suit against the three-time Cup Series champion.

A settlement hearing is set for April 12 regarding the pending agreement. The civil suit was filed by the Ward family against Stewart in 2015 after Stewart struck and killed Ward in a spring car race on August 9, 2014, at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York.

No criminal charged were filed against Stewart in the case due to lack of evidence.

Stewart and Ward were racing together when Ward’s car on the outside of Stewart’s– hit the wall of a corner. The 20-year-old climbed from his car and walked down the track to confront Stewart. Ward was struck by the right-rear-tire of Stewart’s car and flung down the race track.

Ward’s family legal team had contended that Stewart tried to pitch his car in Ward’s direction when he saw Ward. According to Ontario County (New York) prosecutor said toxicology tests determined Ward had enough marijuana in his system to impair judgment.

After Ward’s death, NASCAR banned drivers from climbing from their cars and walking towards others on the track,

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