Two Elementary School students in Choir kneel for Anthem at MLB Game

Two elementary school students took a knee on the field during the pregame national anthem ceremony at a Seattle Mariners game.

A fan posted a video on Twitter showing two girls at the pregame kneeling-across from the military honor guard presenting two American flags- as they performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” Saturday with the student choir from Seattle’s Mount View Elementary School.

The Seattle Highline Public Schools said in a statement. “Obviously, the school district respects the First Amendment rights of our students..[it’s an] individual act by the students.”

U.S. Army officer Jeremy Hunt said he believes children are being taught “revisionist history” in schools.

Hunt said he doesn’t think patriotism is being taught enough to students.

A photo of the kneeling girls was re-tweeted by Kaepernick.

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