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Two-time award winning publicist and editor drops crazy project, “Superman Is Dead




The other day, Calynn M. Lawrence released a project on her blog, entitled “Superman Is Dead” and people are going nuts! It’s a series of artistically symbolic photos that represent her journey through heartbreak along with a lyrically insightful spoken word poem. The subject is a man whom she introduced as “Superman” in various interviews when asked about love interests such as her Glorious magazine cover, The Fire Behind The Fresh Faces Project and originally her My Time magazine interview.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the link to the project here: Superman Is Dead

To many in the Public Relations industry, she is known as “Supergirl” not only for her astounding work with her nonprofit, The Fresh Faces Project, giving free and discounted marketing services to small businesses but because of her profound ability to make it happen with her clients, and fast! We must admit, for someone who is freshly twenty-two, she has accomplished a ton, more than most!

However, in this project, you see a side of her that she rarely exposes to the media; vulnerable, angry, hurt, and then restored. It was as if we were with her the entire time she went through this process! Every girl who has ever had their heart broken can definitely relate to this, even if you don’t have the comic book knowledge to catch all of her snappy references. Here are a few of our favorite ones:

“Runnin’ his mouth like sports, Quicksilver, rapido”


“Superman mistook her for his fan, his flunky, Krypto”


“Tryna take away her power, lights out, Electro”


“All that to get buzzin’, Yellow Jacket, but you couldn’t sting Joe”

Understandably so, she has been praised for her courage and her creativity with this project. Despite a few die-hard Superman fans being a little offended, she has gotten a great response from the public and has gained the stamp of approval from many. With several news outlets and blogs releasing articles about her latest project, she is keeping her interviews limited due to a tight schedule. But, she was able to answer one of the million dollar questions for us: “Who is this Superman, given muse for one of your biggest projects ever?”


Her answer: “I have clarified a couple times that I will not be releasing the person’s name. Mostly out of general respect for that person’s privacy, but also because his identity is not important to the impact of Superman Is Dead. He is an everyday guy with no major platform or brand to boost readership. I created this as a means of venting and working through my emotions when I was coming to terms with the entire situation, also to officially deaden my previous statements about the person since they were made publicly. I’m a fairly good businesswoman but I’m an artist first and things such as this are the keys to my peace. Superman Is Dead, hence I laid to rest the canonized image that I once had of him, as ‘Superman.’ Granted this whole thing has blown up bigger than I ever expected, and I’m so grateful, but I think it’d be a little too unprofessional to bare his name. He knows who he is and that’s all that matters. It’s not even any animosity towards him at this point, I’ve moved on and wished him well.”

We like the diplomatic attitude! Although she’s got the ability to reveal it all to her audience, she has the decency not to. With a personality like that, she’s gonna go far!


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Aretha Franklin, ‘The Queen of Soul,’ dies at age 76



  • Aretha Franklin, known famously as “The Queen of Soul,” has died at age 76.

Aretha passed away in her Detroit home where she was under hospice care. She’d been in failing health for many months and she was down to 86 pounds. One source told us he was informed more than a week ago that Aretha could go at any time, according to TMZ.

Aretha’s career is just incredible. Born in Memphis in 1942, her family eventually relocated to Detroit where she began singing in her father’s church. She was such a powerhouse gospel singer, she landed a Columbia record deal in the early ’60s.

Her string of chart-topping hits began with her Atlantic Records deal in 1967.

Aretha’s achievements in the late ’60s were remarkable for any artist, but especially so for a black woman in the midst of the Civil Rights movement. She held the record for the most entries on the Hot 100 list of any female artist for nearly 40 years, only to be dethroned in 2017 by Nicki Minaj.

She won 18 Grammys and was the first woman ever inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Aretha delivered a powerful rendition of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” — while wearing that unforgettable hat — at Barack Obama‘s 2009 inauguration.

Throughout her career, Aretha was known for delivering incredible one-off live performances, including at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors show where she sang ‘Natural Woman’ in honor of the song’s co-writer, Carole King.

The Queen of Soul was 76. She is survived by her 4 sons.

She was surrounded by friends and family when she passed.

She had appeared incredibly frail in recent years, and rarely performed live. Her most recent appearance was last November for Elton John‘s AMFAR event.


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Entrepreneurship Camp for girls starts Monday in Jacksonville, ages 10-17



“My passion is to see young ladies during their best. I wanted to do something that would bring out their creativity and teach them that they can be a vital part and help build our economy,” is what the event organizer Aisha James had to say when asked what inspired her to host this kind of event. 

Aisha James said that this event will show the young ladies that the power of making money can start in their hands and in their minds if they just change their thinking. 

“I want to show them another way outside of how social media depicts the young ladies today,” James said.

The Entrepreneurship Hands-On Craft Camp is a 4-day event at Sleep Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, North Carolina located at 129 Circuit Lane.

The event will run through Monday, August 13-Thursday, August 16, where young ladies between the ages of 10-17 will be learning how to:

  • Upcycle old jeans and t-shirts
  • Properly rhinestone and embellish
  • Design cupcakes
  • Tutu designs and arts

This event will be a longterm goal for the girls. “These girls will always have something to fall back on in life and will always remember that they can make it and that they are somebody special in their own way,” James said.

James is no stranger in Jacksonville. Once before she held her first event titled “Working On My Selfie” at the USO in Jacksonville and more than 80 girls were in attendance. The purpose of that event was to teach the young girls to be more than a selfie by showing them the beauty on the inside of them. 

The event beginning Monday will be James first event based around entrepreneurship, which is planned to take place every year. The event is sold out and will begin at 10 AM-3 PM daily.


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Out with the old and in with the new, Roller City Skating Rink to open Thursday





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Welp, now that the HALFWAY HOUSE doors at Skate Nation have closed, it’s time for new owners to give the people of Jacksonville what they’ve all be waiting for and that’s a REAL SAFE family-fun skating rink.

Jeni and Bradley Lanier, of Richlands, and the new owners of Roller City skating rink will hold its grand opening Thursday evening at 120 Bridget Lane in Southwest of Jacksonville. The rink known as Wheels and Skate Nation will now be the place for every teenager to have fun and experience fun in a safe environment. We reported to you two weeks ago about the closing of Skate Nation due to drugs and violence which led the halfway house to run out of business. (click HERE if you missed that)

The new owners said that when they saw the announcement about the rink closing, they immediately started looking into it the same day. According to the family, the skating rink floor has been repaired and re-coated. All skates left at the rink by the old owners have been cleaned, including removing old gum stuck to the wheels.

I think that’s a darn shame that the former owners of this rink weren’t even taking care of the skates…, why is gum stuck to the wheels of the skates? Thankfully no one got hurt because had anyone did it would’ve been a check the Brown’s couldn’t have written.

Roller City will be open Thursday through Sunday and regular admission is $9, with the exception of Thursday, which is cheapskate for $5. There will be $1 off admission on Sundays for those who bring in a church bulletin.

Homeschool students will be able to skate every Friday morning once the school year starts back. Toddler skating will also be in the making and the community interest in the new addition is much needed.

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