After a difficult and unexpected hearing, an Onslow County Judge denied bond to accused teen, Caitlin Ridgeway, after initially stating he didn’t know what to do.

In an unannounced hearing today, Caitlin Ridgeway went before a Judge with attorney Paul Castle, hoping to sway the court into offering bond.

The court wasn’t equipped to deal with the hearing without asking for advice, and later got back with the parties denying bond for the accused, according to sources present at the hearing.

Family members for slain deputy, Will Clifton, were present for the hearing and are purported by witness to be “staring down and intimidating” the witnesses for the defense.

Clifton, a former Sheriff’s Deputy, School Resource Officer, and friend of elected Hans Miller, was accused of raping the accused teenager in 2015 – along with other children – but the reports fell on the lap of Sheriff Hans Miller himself. Miller, the crooked county Sheriff, is reported to prioritize “covering the six” of his accused deputies over advocating for child victims of violent sex crimes.

Clifton’s allegations were handled entirely in-house by the Sheriff, and laughed off as minor “differences in values” instead of sex crimes, according to Miller’s multiple media statements.

Hans Miller denies knowledge of criminal allegations against the slain deputy – in spite of public records to the contrary – and claims that he knows only of allegations that were “not criminal in nature”.

He has stated that if he knew of serious allegations against Clifton or any other deputy, it would have been immediately referred to the SBI. This account is hotly contested by his subordinates at the OCSO.

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