Woman charged for getting hit by a car in Jacksonville

A woman is now being charged after she ran into the roadway Monday evening and was struck by a vehicle.

Officials say, Denise Richard, 57, of Hubert ran into Sandridge Road looking for a dog moments before she was hit. Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Cross says it was dark and foggy at the time and Richard admitted to have been wearing dark clothing.

The 22-year-old Hubert man that struck Richard was driving the speed limit, about 40-to-45 mph on Sandridge Road in a Honda Civic and because of the fog, he was unable to see Richard until it was to late.

The man tried to swerve away but Richard came into contact with the passenger side of the car and knocked off the side mirror, according to Cross.

Cross charged Richard with sitting, standing, or lying in the roadway. The drive was not charged.


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