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For some, work feels identical day after day. You have the same conversation with your co-workers.

You work for a few hours before the daily meeting. Then you work more and go home.

The project you just completed seems no different than the last one. To put it simply: Eastwood studies boredom. While it is a common any bored ladies today unpleasant, people think of it boded harmless.

Yet, sometimes people cope with their boredom by acting impulsively or turning to alcohol or drugs. A New Any bored ladies today Times article about boredom noted that those plagued by frequent boredom are more likely to be depressed and anxious and have substance abuse issues. Anyone who has spent time with a child understands boredom impacts everyone and is seemingly easy to understand.

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But there's more to that icky feeling than many think. This desire to do something sets boredom apart from apathy or frustration.

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George Lowenstein — a professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh — agreed. But sometimes hedonic adaptation comes into play.

While the two are related, they explain different experiences. This means any bored ladies today stick with a dull job, workout oadies, romantic relationship or social life while not trying to fix it. Early research finds that people who are better at mindfulness, aka being in the moment, tend to feel less bored.

Therapists often suggest patients try something like meditation or other mindful practices when they complain of dissatisfaction. Often people deal with boredom by turning to their smartphones or quick distractions.

But that makes boredom worse. Follow today.

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May 29, Kevin Love hopes his mental health story can help others: This new site's boring videos and movies may help you fall asleep Oct. Meghan Holohan.