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Quick, picture an Internet sex predator.

If you're like many members of the public, you probably pictured a middle-aged man clicking away on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace as he lies to kids zex meets about his age and intentions. Such a picture doesn't survive an encounter im chat sex data, though; social networking sites are actually safer than chat rooms and instant messaging, im chat sex most perpetrators are singapore male social escort about both their ages and desires.

These are the results from a im chat sex study in Pediatricsthe official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Michele Ybarra and Kimberly Mitchell used data from 1, to year-old Internet users to investigate online sexual harassment, and what they found was actually quite disturbing.

In the im chat sex year, 15 percent of all the kids surveyed reported an "unwanted sexual solicitation online. The good news, at least for social networking sites, is that only less than a third of these solicitations came through social networking sites. IM and chat rooms were much more sx to deliver phish dating online sex chat.

The results led the study's authors to conclude that "broad claims of victimization risk, at least defined as unwanted sexual solicitation or harassment, associated with social im chat sex sites do not seem justified.

The result is of more than academic interest, as I, has considered im chat sex that would specifically restrict access to social networking sites in schools and libraries on the grounds that such sites are dangerous.

The Deleting Online Predators Actfor instance, has already popped up more than once despite concerns that im chat sex wording is overbroad. MySpace online indian sex live also come under heavy criticism from a group of US Attorneys General, though it has sez manage to appease them by implementing a long list of safety practices.

While such practices are commendable and useful, the report suggests that we not give ourselves a false sense of security by demonizing social networking sites at the expense of bigger threats. im chat sex

One curious sidenote in the report was the finding that those who do the harassing online don't bother to hide their ages or intentions; in im chat sex, they're quite upfront with their potential victims. One possible problem with the report: You must login or create an sexy chine to comment.

Skip to main content Quick, picture an Internet sex predator. Further reading: The Pediatrics study DailyTech and vnunet.

Nate Anderson Nate is the deputy editor at Ars Technica, where he oversees long-form feature content and writes about technology law and policy. He is the author of The Internet Police: Email nate arstechnica. im chat sex

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