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Look For Cock Is it wrong to have sex with your cousin

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Is it wrong to have sex with your cousin

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Why the hell not? In most places outside of the USA, sex, romance and even marriage between 2nd cousins or more distant is considered quite acceptable and there's really nothing weird or wrong about it. American culture is full of the weirdest hangups. This word girl opening what more than a few others have said. Hell, my ex-girlfriend and I even roleplayed that we were siblings once or twice, and after it ended she decided to become like a sister because we've remained so close despite it all.

Now, I don't have any female cousins 1st, 2nd or otherwise so it's rather a moot point, but the fact remains that if I did have one, and she was interested, I'd certainly be willing to see where it went. I have heard that quite a number of people are curious about relationships with family members regardless of how far removedbut it is entirely possible that the desire exists so strongly in is it wrong to have sex with your cousin because of the fact that it IS frowned.

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My cousins are 4 and 6, so no. My cousins are my cousins, so no. My distant cousins are mostly men, so no. My distant cousins are my distant drong, so no. Simple as that mate, good luck to you if you choose to go with this hour relationship but I can't possible endorse it, say it's okay or say I'd do it. Woth know nothing about family trees and that, I know who my first cousins are and that's about it. I'd still say no though, since society tends to frown on it, and I'd just find it odd, since the only cousins I know are ones I've been close to since birth and feel more like gay men suck dick.

Having sex with your 2nd cousin carries practically no risk, yyour, by all means, pork away. Haukur Isleifsson: So a third cousin shares your great great grandparents? That's 5 generations. Just asking cause you use such different terminology in these matters than we do over. That would be totally acceptable to me.

I have 8 Facebook-friends just that phuket call girls to me and I never knew before I looked them up in our national genetic database.

So unless I'm going celibate I sure as hell am going to fuck some cousin sooner than later. In Iceland, incest is Isn't pretty much everyone related to each other in some obscure way?

That's pretty impressive that you have records going back that far.

The farthest my families records go is to our ancestor who immigrated to the U. That's about the 's, he was my grandfather's grandfather. Is she blood related? Then that may be a deciding factor for you to mill on. Me I wouldn't sleep with any of my cousins. And My mother is adopted, so none of my cousins are blood related, but that's just how I am. That and I've known then all my life.

I Am Search Dick Is it wrong to have sex with your cousin

You on the other hand haven't seen this girl ever, so it's not that weird to think about being with. Well I never even fucking see them except on incredibly rare occasions, plus any mutant flipper babies are thoroughly out of the equation in every possible way Not a 1st cousin at. Maybe some distant 4th or 5th cousin that odds are I would never fucking meet again, but even that's unlikely. Actually, it's a rather interesting fact that it seems that is it wrong to have sex with your cousin cousins produce more children and grand-children than unrelated couples.

I still wouldn't, but chariton iowa pussy not completely unthinkable.

She's your 3: People are just being weird, go for it! I wouldn't have any problems with 2: If it's distant, then sure. Especially if I'd known them for a while, not having been aware of our relation to eachother, it's weird if you've known them all your life as a family member but otherwise I don't see much issue. Hell, just the other day I found out is it wrong to have sex with your cousin friend of a few years is my cousin. Everyone is everyone's cousin where Nude lesbian family live.

But when you get to 3rd cousins isn't that like your parent's cousin's kids? Which means you're bloodlines split at your great grandparents Also would help if your families are distant lol. Would be wierd if you grew up together like normal cousins Anyway personally I'd find that very wierd and wouldn't do it, but at the same time I don't think it's exactly wrong or immoral at that point. Lets say you have a distant cousin 3rd, 4th, or 5th and the 2 of you find each other attractive, and both of you were close enough to actually have feelings for each.

You hang out, and the topic of it comes up, and your cousin is up to it. Would you do it if no one knew about it?

Is it wrong to have sex with your cousin

If she were my 3rd cousin, I. I'm asking because recently I was at a family gathering, and a lot of is it wrong to have sex with your cousin relatives brought along some friends ie, people not related to mewhich wouldn't make it a "family gathering" anymore and just a party.

I was sitting at a table and this girl I have never seen before sat next to me. Naked lesbian massages figured she was a friend of one of my relatives. Yadda yadda yadda, we flirt but then we find out we're related 3rd cousins. She still seems interested in me, and Vindictive God help me, I may go for it.

Is it normal to have sex with your cousin? | Is It Normal? |

I know most of you are going to think is it wrong to have sex with your cousin crazy, but I've been with a 2nd cousin. Wasn't planned, wasn't drinking, or high. Were just hanging around watching tv, and next thing I know we're going bareback.

Though I think checking to see how your other family members would respond to haave idea of you before you did it. Of course, then again, that might be a socially acceptable thing. Incest isnt really a turn on for me If it's not weird for you then w. I have heard that Amish books for single christian men have at least minor problems with it.

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People need to move to different Amish communities to get some fresh blood in the pool. I don't know how true that is, I heard it in school about 6 years ago. At third cousin level, there's not enough genetic overlap to provide a risk of fugly mutant babies.

I only have is it wrong to have sex with your cousin cousins I know of, and they're both first cousins. So no. I don't see a problem with having a relationship with a cousin, haave long as the cousin is far bave away in the family tree as to remove any of the non-societal problems with it.

Physical deformities in children produced by incestual relationships are actually very rare, I hope people realise?

So, People Are Having Sex With Their Cousins And We Need To Talk About It

Deformities are witu more likely to occur in children whose parents are smokers; drug-users; workers in risky industries; women over 40. The whole "It'll come out a mutant" idea is ridiculous propaganda designed to scare people.

I'm not endorsing incest, but just saying that people need to stop being scare monger bait If we loved each other, then I really don't see the issue A third cousin could be my cousin's coksin son or my parent's cousin's son. I mean, I don't even know my third cousins.

As long as they weren't a massive part of the family and I didn't see them as familythen what would be the problem? I unknowingly chatted up my 3rd cousin at a wedding once before I knew who she.

Why it's OK to fancy your cousin | Life and style | The Guardian

Kinda grossed myself out about it. So, no. I don't really think it matters as much as some people think. If you share maybe a quarter or an eighth of your DNA, I doubt there are any dangerous recessive good looking greek guy here to date you have in common that would be of any concern.

People forget, there's a reason incest is bad, is it wrong to have sex with your cousin not because of any moral obligation, it's because it's more likely that you would share dangerous recessive genes that you would both pass on to your kid and these wifh become expressed. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Not a member? Register Now.

Poll: Would you have sex with your cousin?

Would you have sex with your cousin? Yes, yes I. Even 1st cousin is a-okay with me. Hiroshi Mishima. Sehnsucht Engel.

Hell yes! The keyword here is condom. And I assume you just meant sex, not going further and getting engaged, married. As long as you don't procreate, I don't see a problem.