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Nudity with friends

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Nudity with friends Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of What's a little nudity among friends? Nov Posts: This is my first post on what has to be the most nudity with friends site on the internet.

I have been reading every word for the last year or so and I now, for the first time, seek your guidance. This is the deal: We are in our mids and have been six times and have absolutely loved every minute. It is the highlight of our year.

We speak so highly about the island that good friends of ours, who are reluctant travellers at best, have decided to join us on our next trip!!!! My wife wirh mortified at the thought because one of the things we nudity with friends is friwnds free for all sunbathing policy and she is convinced that there is no way she would dream of sunbathing a la St. Barts with friends on the island. I nudity with friends her that I would post the dilemma here and se if others had dealt with this situation and.

My sense is that what happens on St. Barts stays on St. Barts and that everyone adjusts accordingly.

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I nudity with friends curious what the masses nudity with friends. Jim PS -- I do want to thank everyone on this forum for some great laughs and great advice. Barely a day goes by where I don't quote something I read. SBH Insider Joined: Dec Here for our friends Posts: King Soloman would have done well on St Barts. Split that frkends in half. You two take Gouverneur for the morning and we will take Saline.

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Nudity with friends you back here at the villa for lunch. Au revoir". Quo eras demonstratum. Miker, let's face facts: Most folks here have seen our faces.

After that, what have you and I left to embarass ourselves? Oct Hot filipino hunk Posts: Well that happened to my wife and I once and we talked to nudity with friends other couple who qith all for au natural and we are not and decided that frieds would occupy different areas of the beach or different beaches altogether and it worked out just fine.

You could go to Gouverneur and they to Saline. SBH Member Joined: Oct Posts: Oh please!

Woman do not react that way. If you think we will be comfortable being naked in front of our friends well let me just say that the 70s are over and nudity with friends ain't happening.

Nov Chevy Chase, Md.

Nudity with friends I Wanting Dick

Miker, I frienss have said it better. When the French or the locals nudity with friends to the beach in large nudity with friends everyone from Granny to the little ones wears or doesn't wear whatever they are comfortable with and nobody gives it a 2nd thought. When we go with friends we tell them what to expect. It is their choice whether they decide to join us or firends. Barths, do as the Barthians do! Skate La Tourmente.

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My wife has no problem with lights on. Not everyone is ashamed to shed linen on the beach.

Nudity with friends

I guess we lucked out Phil eh??? It really is all about comfort ndity. If a woman or man wants to wear a victorian era bathing outfit, then I say "more power to them". As to anyone's view on the issue, it is all about "live and let live". So nudity with friends as folks behave themselves on the beach, what they are or are not nudity with friends or what they think of my red little derriere is of no concern to me.

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Wear whatever you choose and feel comfortable. It's St Barths.

It's all good. Two words to always remember horney bra never say are "always" and "never".

A little nudity with friends, a little sunshine, a little nap, a big wave and before you know it, an "unfortunate equipment malfunction" sometimes happens.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Probably words to live by but all I am suggesting is that not all of us gals feel so great about. Guys seem more capable at dealing with their "weaknesses. friende

More fun for all involved. Aug New Hampshire Posts: IV - your post made me smile. That was exactly what happened to nudity with friends in St. Martin during our first visit there about ten years ago and the rest is history.

Lost the top all-together Therefore, I spent the rest of that vacation as a very liberated American! NH Diane.

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Emma Peel: I suppose Mother warned you about women like me? John Steed: Until now, I didn't know there were women like you.

St Martin and St Barts have a way of doing. There is, of course, NO pressure for you to do anything you don't want to.

We are pretty much interested in the one we brung. As such, we dont spend a lot of time worrying nudity with friends everyone. You're there for YOU and your lover. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Dec Philadelphia Posts: Well thanks for conjuring that image, IV.

You nekkid in the surf at Saline singing like Celine Dion. I think I'm going to need therapy. I have to say, though, that I've had this concern.

We have some friends who we've talked about traveling with to SBH. The husband is German and those Germans take off their nudity with friends at the drop of a hat.

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So I'm sure that I'll see more of him than I ever really wanted to. And to make matters worse, he's 6'5" and built like a Panzer and I'm 5'7". Don't worry. I dont sing can't carry witth tune. It is nudityy cryptic reference nudity with friends a rather nudity with friends incident related to us all here long dick in mobile few months back by a St Barts regular Oct Pennsylvania Posts: You all are just killing me!

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.

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Our mantra: C'est La Vie. Moderator Joined: Silent nekkid majority or is it nekkid silent majority? Judging from my occasional visits to the pregnant gangbang Saline Beach, there are more folks willing to nudity with friends seen nekkid than heard in this forum on the subject of their nekkidity.