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Sister foot story

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Some things I like to do are watching, sleeping, nature, ren, dogs, dancing.

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They were a couple years older then I, maybe 20 or Sue was the funny one, she was always cracking.

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Like most of the women that I had seen sister foot story I got here she was extremely attractive and dressed in a black leather jumpsuit. Have you seen the reward for. Big dick app could buy and sell my entire city several times and still be foog to live sister foot story several lifetimes without ever having to work.

I was staring in the mirror trying to hype myself up for the sister foot story event. Every breath I took was a labor as I forced myself to inhale the rank scent of a little girls feet.

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The smell of what she told me was a weeks worth of stale foot sweat in an old boot penetrated my senses. Featured in groups See All.

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Little Sister: A Tale of Dominance, a fantasy fiction | FictionPress

Core Membership. She was more, for lack of a better word, relentless this time.

She quickly grabbed me and tripped me up, knocking me to the ground. She dropped down and sat sister foot story my stomach while holding my arms. She brought her face close to mine, before letting out a large belch right in my face, which stunk to high hell.

I put all my energy in to tossing her off sister foot story she was storg, and made a mad dash for my room. I couldn't get my door closed in time though as she speared me into the bed.

She released me, both of us laughing. She then suddenly got this look in her eye, like she'd hatched the greatest plan in the world. She sister foot story suggested we had a little wrestling match, but with her own little The twist of course was that the loser had to do whatever the winner told them to do so yea a slave basically.

Since the fight wasn't that important I guess Sister foot story can skip to then end where I found myself on my back, pinned down with my sisters butt pressed into my face as she held me in a reverse facesit! E gear too, so her big damp butt stank so bad!

The sweat from her ass soaked into my face and nose, as she rubbed her butt harder into wives want nsa Laketon face until I finally tapped because I couldn't breath. This is where I started to learn that my sister was a tad In fact it was a very weird coincidence that she seemed to be into the same things that I was, but being my sister took some of the joy out of it for me.

We stayed in her room throughout most of the day, as she turned sister foot story the Xbox so that anyone who walked in would simply think that we were playing sister foot story games.

My sister quickly ducked behind her wardrobe door, emerging moments later in tight little lycra shorts and a pyjama shirt Again, link at the bottom to near what these shorts were sister foot story.

She told me to lie down under her bed with my head poking. I did sister foot story that, thinking that it was a very odd demand for.

I laid there on my back, as she sat british escorts leicester on the bed, my head poking out foott sister foot story socked feet, her bare legs disappearing at the knee for me.

She picked up the Xbox controller and loaded up a game, as I lay there still wondering what I was supposed to be doing right now, expecting something horrible.

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Sister foot story suddenly revealed what I was there for as she lifted her feet and planted them on my face. Her stinking, sweaty socked feet practically stuck to my feet, as I immediately tried to recoil in disgust, but with nowhere to go.

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She then removed her socks and tossed them atory the side and planted one bare foot against my nose, while sister foot story forcing her big toe into my mouth! Both the smell and taste of her sweaty feet stuck with sister foot story to this day. After laying there, under her disgusting feet for what felt like forever, she finally lifted her feet up as wanting sex Gillette Wyoming finished the level of the game.

My fresh air was short lived though, as she plopped her butt down on my face to let off a big fart in my mouth!

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I again tried to recoil in horror, but her butt and the bed held me firmly in place. She stood up and looked down at me laughing. She then had another idea, as sister foot story told me to get out from under the bed sister foot story lay down on it instead. I sister foot story it with a sigh as she flung a leg over me and sat on my stomach, facing my feet She was sitting in a reverse massage parlors in boston ma style position as she shimmied backwards until she was on my chest, my arms pinned by her feet, her pink shorts coming closer and closer to my face.

I remember her constant taunting things like "Hm how about my feet again? Wtory do you miss my big butt?! Her feet lay at each side of my face, as she then proposed something to me.

Slave to my Sister -

She said, "OK, to be sister foot story, I'll give you a choice for the next hour or so. You can either turn your head and sniff my feet or stay facing up and smell my butt!

With that she gently laid her butt down on my face, my nose sliding up her lycra covered, sweaty butt crack. She then started to slowly grind her butt around on my face, but still gently enough that my nose wasn't crushed, letting me get the full scent of sister foot story butt.

Sister foot story

This was where I felt really odd. This is where I found out that my sister foot story was enjoying this, and it creeped me out a bit at. Unfortunately, I couldn't help myself as I started getting hard.