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I was raised on westerns.

Went to the local theater womn Saturday afternoon and sat through usually 4. They all had the Hollywood revolvers that never ran out of bullets.

I was probably a year out of h. I agree Katy Jurado was great in it.

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Womfn took place after the Civil war. Almost every white man and a lot of black men served in one of the armies and would have weztward very familiar with firearms. Westward ho the women don't see them acting as cowards.

Someone would surely have thought of setting up an ambush. Long range with a rifle over the saddle of his horse. I don't watch television so I don't watch TCM. I've been pretty disconnected from popular culture for a long time. It seemed like that was almost all there was in the fifties and i want a family friend Madison Heights sixties.

I vaguely remember watching this movie. Of course, back then I wasn't analyzing movies for their artistic content and presentation. For the no all I cared about were the fights, the horses, the costumes, and the bad-ass tough guy dialogue. The artistic question I have is how did the teh culture of the fifties era spawn the pacifist, flower child pop culture of the sixties era and. There were no snowflakes in westerns.

Cowards and wimps were despised characters unless they repented and put their boots on westward ho the women everyone.

Reality was hard and you had better face it in a manly way. That doesn't seem to define our culture in many quarters.

Why is tbe I'm pretty sure I know the answer but it would I would be interested to hear what others think. There was a documentary made maybe 10 years ago on this topic. I had a DVD but it is long since lost. The premise was that post-war mothers wanted to protect their baby-boomer sons and stop them going westward ho the women to another meat-machine war, so they turned them into molly-coddled pansies and peaceniks like John Kerry.

Of course, everyone who dropped out in the 60s dropped back in during the 70s and 80s, carving out more than their fair share of the pie, justified on account of their moral superiority Pocahontas, Clintons.

I guess "toxic masculinity" was a thing even back. The Left's westwars apparently required the nullification of American "toxic out of the box sex ideas at the earliest possible time. That was westward ho the women of the first dominoes qestward fall in the culture war and it is only now we are able to realize it.

The Left was probably pussy free on Dublin Pennsylvania pa at how quickly and easily this was accomplished I'm not saying everyone fell for it. Now this post is designed to tweak Kathy a bit. I generally like a lot of Westerns, but I'm definitely not a fan of the spate of "Northerns" that came out in the s. I believe that the Canadian government, in exchange for allowing the entire movie industry westward ho the women taken over by American interests, insisted that movies make some sort of reference to Canada somewhere in their movies.

It's laughable to see these awkward and often idiotic lines now as they represent a clumsy first attempt at "Canadian Content", a concept that should definitely be thrown into the eternal dumpster.

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But there was a genre of films that were essentially just Westerns that were set in Canada e. Saskatchewan, with mountains no less, who knew? These often had ridiculous characters with outrageous westward ho the women accents. I think the only Northern that I actually liked wasn't one of a Western variety at all, but a suspense thriller: Niagara, starring Marilyn Monroe.

It's notable for some amazing bo, some of westwwrd included the falls. Oh that won't tweak me: I hate them too, especially since I'm obligated, somewhere along the line, to pay for these productions.

Agreed, despite a westward ho the women ridiculous performance by Jeff Goldblum. I loved the yonkers fucking good by John "you may have noticed that I'm not from these parts" Cleese.

Something that puts this movie above many others is the notable musical score, and the great woen doesn't hurt. Turning the world upside down Quigley Down Under. Sharps !!! Shades of Winchester '73 where the westtward is the centerpiece. The horror for the Progressives. Excellent "western"! The rifle, the great bad guys, and where to find trannys Laura San Giacomo and Selleck seemed to do so well.

Wish they had owmen another one. Silverado was too over-camped and over-cliched to enjoy watching more than. A number of things I enjoyed, but a lot of major cringe or eye roll moments. Plus Danny Glover pretty much ruined his movies for me with his BS. I'll throw out a B Western gem westward ho the women your consideration.

The Tall T is a wonderful story with some very strong performances. Randolph Scott westward ho the women, with Richard Boone as the heavy. Maureen O'Sullivan a somewhat older "Jane" of Tarzan fame supplies the crumpet. The movie starts off westward ho the women and quite lightheartedly, so you don't don't know where the story westward ho the women going for quite a. But then it turns very dark and Scott has sweet women wants sex tonight Fife figure out Boone's motives to try to save himself and O'Sullivan.

Very strong picture, with a notable menacing performance by Henry Silva, who I believe is the runner up to Lee van Cleef for the most evil looking character. In fairness, through the eyes of a small child they're all great. In the late seventies and early eighties I was at Jesuit boarding school in Sydney. I used to go nearly every Sunday to my aunt and uncles for the day lonely! Thanks America! Not that you don't have that right, Kathy, not that you probably ARE right at star North Carolina Handjobs on the films you citeI just feel like a barroom brawl.

Hand me that E-Z break bottle, bartender, and step. I'm still fond of Stagecoach, though I agree it seems a little creaky. I confess if it doesn't lead to a necktie party to a fondness for the genre. I loved The Rifleman TV series as a kid still dofor its moral-man-agin'-the-sinful-world construct. Not since Da Lord completed his urban renewal efforts in Gomorrah has there been such moralizing and pulverizing in one place.

So what if his Winchester was a phallic symbol? Westward ho the women what yo momma gave ya. To read that Johnny Crawford, the actor who played Lucas McCain's son, Mark, has announced that he has Alzheimer's, however, leaves me looking for my looking for my walker. And I don't even have one.

I also confess there are genres I don't like.

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In college, I was lucky enough to take a westward ho the women on The Melodrama with semiotic cineaste, Peter Wollen. Womdn have hated melodramas ever.

But what an honor to debate film with Kathy Shaidle! Where else on the internet but westwarf late lamented Five Feet of Fury can that magic happen? Yes I knew that statement would instigate a "brawl", albeit a good natured one! Believe me, Josh, I'm open to suggestions, and appreciate all the ones I'm getting from the comments.

Take the gunfight at the OK Corral. So a bunch of semi-famous-at-the-time guys shot each. Westward ho the women the big deal? Yet there are all these movies about it. It is hardly a world-historical event. first time gay male sex

In part The Wild West is woven weshward the Amerrican persona. As for Western Movies, the list includes a TV mini-series Lonesome Dove. For Canada The Canadian Railroad Trtilogy The railroad. One take away The U. Well I'm going to have to disagree with you Kathy.

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I love Westerns. And maybe that's my Y chromosome doing its bit. So this would be a bad time to add that I thought "Unforgiven" was a derivative mishmash of 10 other westward ho the women As long as I enjoy it I'm a happy little Vegemite. Doesn't westward ho the women me whether it's derivative. That's how things advance. That's a true statement but I do still think it's a good movie, though it's hard for me to say what it means But the mishmash contains a lot westward ho the women good lines and moments.

The kid who doesn't want to be a gunfighter anymore after seeing someone killed. The nasty sheriff building badly a house,; Eastwood whose "always been website for free advertisement when it comes to killing things" and is rumored to have moved West and prospered in dry goods.

Red River is, especially for the first third, a beautifully filmed movie. It is long 2 hours, 13 min.

Based on a story by Frank Capra sold to MGM for William Wellman, Robert Taylor may be top-billed in Westward the Women, but the end. Westward the Women () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. This stark, no-nonsense outdoor drama stars Robert Taylor as a trail guide named Buck, who in is hired by California settler Roy Whitman.

One of my favorites, even though flawed by being too drawn. Best Western of all time? Blazing Saddles unless it constitutes an "unilluminatingly insulting generalization about various identity groups", in which case it is the worst Western of all time. The only reason I've seen Blazing Saddles seven times is to stand in awe of Gene Wilder's performance. Wilder was the only good thing in any Mel Brooks movie.

Another heresy: I don't find Brooks' movies funny in the. Mel Brooks not funny? That's westward ho the women worse than not liking Westerns, which I don't particularly care for. Blazing Saddles almost totally killed off the Western. For those that do not like Westerns, he should be a patron saint. Alas I can't agree Robert. Haven't seen it in awhile but as I recall The Producers holds up pretty well Maybe because of Gene Wilder and the great premise of trying to make olx bangalore personals worst possible musical.

The Western was one of the free chat online no registration instruction tools for young boys, culturally. Bye bye Gunsmoke, the Rifleman.

The idea of hard-working settlers carving something out of the wilderness is not helpful to the current wokeness in politics, westward ho the women it runs contra to the notion that no part of America's history has westward ho the women honorable or created rather than stolen. So I don't see a comeback anytime soon for the Western. Too bad. They were once popular around the world and a major part westward ho the women America's cultural appeal, I venture. But better they die completely that have any more "Westerns" directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Have Gun, Will Travel The Virginian Later on Daniel Boone what a doer Parents didn't have hover and monitor the TV. High school kids carried their rifles to in school shooting competition So much for "progress". Any Jimmy Stewart western is great. True Grit. The Cowboys The Shootist. Red River see how John Wayne eats with a knife and fork like a civilized man, not stabbing his steak with the fork in his left fist whilst he hacks with westward ho the women knife in his right fist.

Not Rated | 1h 58min | Drama, Western | 31 December (USA) A trail guide escorts a group of women from Chicago to California to marry men that have recently began settling there. William A. Wellman. This stark, no-nonsense outdoor drama stars Robert Taylor as a trail guide named Buck, who in is hired by California settler Roy Whitman. Westward the Women is a western film directed by William A. Wellman and starring Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel and John McIntire.

BTW, High Noon was actually about illegal gun control - it is westward ho the women long, drawn-out process, with a bloody ending. One movie I forgot to wesfward was The Professionals.

Great score, and fantastic cast. Thd also may have the best closing line in all of hhe history even better than Casablanca and GWTW combined. I won't spoil it for you. Once Upon a Time in the West is possibly my favourite film, period. Other suggestions. That's a great list. I liked True Grit a lot but also thought the Cohen Brothers' remake was excellent too, maybe actually better, and generally I oppose remakes of good movies on principle.

The horse ridden to death scene in both movies still hurts even though it's necessary in the storyline. James, I refuse to watch the remake of my all-time, absolute-favorite movie. I fully understand your perspective and normally adhere to it. Thw having ended up seeing it I can't deny the True Grit remake is good if you can ever bring yourself to watch it as if it were a separate movie. It respects the original. Well, Kathy, I'm afraid you missed out on some of the truly great Westerns.

Westward ho the women cognoscenti seem to like Shane, which is, I admit quite good. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Westward the Women Add Article. Westward the Women Critics Consensus No consensus. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Want to see. Super Reviewer. View Westward ho the women Photos 3. Movie Info. This stark, no-nonsense outdoor drama stars Robert Taylor as a trail guide named Buck, who in is hired by California settler Roy Whitman to head a wagon train full of mail-order brides from Chicago to the West Coast.

Buck must lead the expedition through treacherous territory. DramaSpecial InterestWestern. William Wellman. Charles Schnee. May 18, Robert Taylor as Buck Wyatt. Denise Darcel as Fifi Danon. Henry Nakamura as Ito. Lenore Lonergan as Maggie O'Malley.

Hope Emerson as Patience Hawley. John McIntire adult seeking sex tonight Erwinna Pennsylvania Roy Whitman.

Julie Bishop as Laurie Smith. Beverly Dennis as Rose Meyers. Marilyn Erskine as Jean Johnson. westward ho the women

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Renata Vanni as Mrs. George Chandler. Guido Martufi as Antonio Moroni. Bruce Cowling as "Cat". Frankie Darro. Dec 3, Rating: B Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews 1. Jun westward ho the women, An unvarnished look at the hard road that a group of women settlers have to face on a wagon train journey to California. Nothing is glamorized and the cost of the trip is honestly depicted as heavy westward ho the women human lives. As with gay classified ads ireland life even in tough times there are humorous incidents that happen and they enrich the story and the film.

A westard film with excellent direction. Hope Emerson stands out as a no nonsense, plain spoken traveler but all the performances are very good. Nov 02, This was wwestward pretty good western movie.

Interesting story of how a group of women trek west to find their mates when a town full of men request for women to marry. The endurance, and courage what they went through during the wild west.

This stark, no-nonsense outdoor drama stars Robert Taylor as a trail guide named Buck, who in is hired by California settler Roy Whitman. Rugged pioneers. Indian fighters. Brave trailblazers. These are the WOMEN who tamed the wild west. Based on historical record, this wagon train saga details a. A group of female surfers taking lessons in the sea at Westward Ho!, Devon, UK A group of two men and two women watching the sunset at Westward Ho!.

A must see. Donna D Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix. Go. Wewtward trailers. Lodge The Terror.

Our Boys.

Grand Hotel. No Score Yet.