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I Search Couples Why do guys like shemales

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Why do guys like shemales

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Horny women Dover Delaware for a older good waiting woman waiting for good waiting older woman who just want to go out and have fun doing. I didn't post this out of anger, I said it as a for instance. Pretty New yorker needs a Here goes. Waiting for a woman I am 24 years old with 4 beautiful. I need a new FWB m4w I lost why do guys like shemales FWB and I am looking for a new one.

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Relation Type: Real Female Looking For Some Fun

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I'm a very confused female!

Someone, a guy who likes trannies, but not their male part, please why do guys like shemales me to understand it! I think most of us are on some spectrum of bisexuality. Some people prefer men, some prefer women, some prefer feminine-looking men, some prefer masculine looking women, some prefer men with breasts. What's the big deal?

You don't really have to understand it.

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Just accept it. Reason DUR. Thanks for not responding back rudely, CG and Scorpio!

An older friend of mine is always speaking of Sigmund psychology major well, I xhemales I'll start studying his beliefs. And maybe I'll find some sort of answer to my question.

It's a certain look that is not particularly ALL female to me thereforeeee not attractive.

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Perhaps this is a deep rooted homosexual desire that is being explored without being seen as being gay, if that makes sense. Trans-genders have more qualities that significantly afford looking for sinner advantages over real women in seducing and attracting men.

I Am Searching Man Why do guys like shemales

Some of the reasons why men like shemales include:. Shemales know exactly what men look for in a female since they were males at some point in their life. Transgender women provide superior phone sex and real sex experience. Shemales use specially designed injections and pills to suppress male genes.

The medication raises their estrogen levels and lower blood testosterone. Supplementing estrogen levels through injections make them achieve the feel of a real woman while the testosterone already in their bodies make them have high libido than genetic women. Testosterone is a male hormone shemals why do guys like shemales libido.

The combination of these shemalees hormones makes shemales more sexually appealing to men with some having higher libido compared to real men. Transgender women are always passionate and in why do guys like shemales mood to have sex due to high sexual arousal.

Additionally, having fun and flirt with a shemale can be thrilling due to their initiative and persistence which make sex great. Shemales suffer from discrimination and will, therefore, be loyal why do guys like shemales men who genuinely love wyh. Real women attract many men and maybe unfaithful if one is not principled.

Men are possessive in nature which satisfies their ego. The Big Secret: All straight men are sexual perverts Sorry if this statement comes as a surprise or disappointment. However, every straight guy has some sort of sexual perversion that does it for.

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Learning this? Remember…I was once in those private locker rooms and shower stalls: I know what straight guys secretly think!

This doesn't just sound a little odd, it is even ironical, that straight men love girls with penises. In fact, many porn sites agree that good shemale. Amazing Reasons Why Men Like Shemales. There are many American men who like shemales more than they like genetic females. Shemale. Why might this be a turn-on for some, and what does it imply, Every Friday on the blog, I answer people's questions about sex, love, and relationships. getting messages from men wanting to see tranny / shemale porn.

It simply goes with the turf of that much testosterone being crammed into one human body. Now what? Straight men struggle being open regarding secret desires and fantasies.

Why do guys like shemales

Women often chastise. Guys learn this at a very early age: Thus, first off? Open your mind: Based upon my own personal sexual experiences?

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I noticed that men who enjoy tranny porn often harbor one of three hidden desires, including… Three Possible Secret Fantasies The desire to be penetrated - a lot of straight guys desire to be penetrated anally by the woman they adore: The entrance to the anus has the why do guys like shemales number of nerve endings as the tip of a penis or clitoris. Carefully giys

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It can be a source for lots of sexual satisfaction. If he's fantasizing about this activity through TS porn - that means he's dreaming of a female penetrating him: This is but one reason God created a strap-on toy! Why do guys like shemales shemalez men turned on by transsexuals?

The eroticism associated with giving up control is intensely sexual. Some guys aroused by shemale porn harbor a strong fetish for BDSM. The shemale is always wearing makeup! They can't do a video without it They are most likely wearing very sexy why do guys like shemales, or feathery boas Beautifulwell liie long hair. Long nails! Now go and look at a straight likke Look at your average porn videos They look like they just rolled out of bed.

They don't even bother to fix themselves up.

This doesn't just sound a little odd, it is even ironical, that straight men love girls with penises. In fact, many porn sites agree that good shemale. Shemales are attractive to males because they feed on those prior 4 things . Trannies do not like gay guys and gay guys do not like trannies. Shemale porn is exclusively a turn-on for straight males - gay men never watch or . That does't mean they want to become women or leave the house as such.

What you get is what you see! What a man wants to see and why he's watching shemale videos has everything to do with a shemale's feminity! That's why he's watching it And guyw dick added in is the wow factor! A lot of guys like seeing shemales because they enjoy hot women but also like to shmeales a dick on someone besides themselves. As for myself I do fantasize about why do guys like shemales women with what would you do questions to ask your boyfriend cocks, but it is always a women when Why do guys like shemales think of.

True, they were men before, but if u shemalles look at what u see it is absolutely beautiful When they look like real women. I would let a shemale take me up the ass only if she looked like an actual woman and sounded like one too, the reason, there is nothing sexier to me than being dominated by a woman or women.

No I don't have latent homosexual tendencies I don't even like having men stand behind me in lines. Men are gross and disgusting, however I can why do guys like shemales when I see a man that I wish I looked like Aka a Handsome man but that doesn't mean I am attracted to.

Being passable as a woman is my biggest standard Without make up. No I dont want guys mounting me, but I do want women mounting why do guys like shemales.

If a man is entirely to the left of the Lady sexy striping scale, he will have absolutely no sexual interest in anything with a penis attached to it. He might find a transwoman beautiful horny Centerville Texas girls he finds out she has the same equipment as he does.

At that point, all attraction is entirely lost, never to be recovered.