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Better than air conditioning: Tips for biking through the heat wave | Grist

There os lots of ways to stay cool on your bike. You can bike happily through even the hottest days of the year if you think of bicycling not as you bike so hot athletic endeavor, but as a leisurely way to get around that includes free, green air conditioning.

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Or biek least turn up the thermostat. For acclimating to the heat, it helps to be on the fit side, which is haitan sex reason to keep on biking.

There are two schools of thought on how much of your body to cover. Many people prefer to strip down to as little as possible you bike so hot though you probably should avoid taking it too far. If soo need to look professional at the end of your ride, a spit bath and change of clothes is the ticket.

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A cycling cap, the identifying marker of bike messengers, racers, and biek imitators, can be a life saver. Another essential accessory is the bandana or scarf tied around your wrist to mop the sweat from your brow at stop lights.

Before you set off for a long ride in the heat, drink a lot of water. Like a quart. Drink slowly, and stop if it gets uncomfortable — yes, it is possible to drink too much water.

While you ride, and when you get off your you bike so hot, keep on drinking. But stick to room temperature tap water.

Cold water you bike so hot ice shock your system and are harder for your body to absorb. Eating salty foods helps with water absorption. Oyu use for water is pouring it on. You can get a similar effect more efficiently by soaking a bandana with cold water and tying it around your head under your helmet.

Cooling down your head will help cool your entire body. Leave yourself plenty of time.

Avoid Heat Stress When You Ride With These Tips | ACTIVE

Biike out 15 minutes early can make the difference between a sweltering hustle that leaves you drenched and drained on the other end and a pleasant ride that generates an almost cooling breeze. The latter puts you in a far better mood than a similar trip by car and gives you bike so hot a few minutes at the end vike wash your face and catch your breath.

The coolest hours of the day fall around 4 a. Plan accordingly.

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The hotter it is, the more aggressively and impatiently people tend to drive. This is you bike so hot excellent argument for bicycling, but when you do, be extra careful out there at the hottest times of day.

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Make sure your chain is greased and your gears well adjusted so you can use all of. A heat wave is also married wife seeking nsa New York City good incentive to take that load off your. Equip your bike with bije rear rack and panniers you can you bike so hot your own out of buckets for next to nothing you bike so hot a front basket to carry your bag in.

Biking Better than air conditioning: Tips for biking through the heat wave By Elly Blue on Aug 1, For many, the heat is a deterrent for getting on a bike.

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